The Top 3 Pros and Cons of Daycare Centres

There are many childcare options available, for example daycare centres, home daycares, nanny care, preschool, relative care and stay-at-home-parenting. Here’s a list of The Top 3 Pros And Cons Of Daycare Centres, which I hope will help you decide if daycare centres are for you. Let me know what you think!


* Better qualified staff. Childcare staff normally hold qualifications in childcare and/or first aid, in addition to having years of experience. This enables them to better care for your child’s needs, keeping him/her happy while also nurturing growth and development.

* Structured learning environment. A good daycare centre will provide a proper curriculum for your child. Methods vary from daycare to daycare, but should include age appropriate activities like baby signing, sand-play, finger-painting, etc. These activities are designed to fully engage your child in a manner that will encourage growth and development while also enabling him/her to simply have fun.

* Opportunities to socialise. One of the key benefits of daycare centres compared to options like relative care and stay-at-home-parenting is the chance for your child to mix with other children and adults. Social interaction can be very enjoyable for your child, while also helping develop communication skills, confidence and a sense of self. It’s also very heartwarming to witness your child sharing something or comforting another child who is upset.


* No one-to-one attention. Daycare centres will assign each member of staff to several children. Unsurprisingly, there is research which suggests that a one-to-one environment is better for very young children. As children get older, the staff to children ratio generally increases (for example Math Monkey sets a maximum ratio of 1:6), but you should always favour daycare centres that keep their staff to children ratio as low as possible.

* Many many many germs! Daycare centres can be a great place for germs to breed. Despite various precautions, illnesses will commonly spread among children and even staff members. Furthermore, few daycare centres will provide special care for sick children.

* Picking up bad habits. Young children will imitate almost everything they see or hear. As such, you can look forward to your child bringing home delightful habits such as biting, throwing objects and being disruptive for the sake of attention. In the worst case scenario, left unchecked these challenging behaviours could turn into a child behaviour problem!

How do you feel about daycare? Know anybody who sends their kids to daycare? Ask them what they think! Unfortunately, sometimes both parents have to work, making daycare a necessity rather than an option.

Mark Lim
Early Years Childcare

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Nice Daycare Centers photos

A few nice daycare centers images I found:

daycare centers
Image by Official Travis AFB, Calif.
Senior Airman Deirdre Jones is a Public Health Technician assigned to the 60th Medical Group’s Sanitation and Food Safety Office was named Travis AFB’s Warrior of the Week for the Week 12-18 June 2016. Some of SrA Jones accolades include steering the base’s 67 Million Dollar Food Safety Program, oversaw CYP vaccination compliance for the three base daycare centers, POC for the unit’s Bone Marrow Drive were she lead seven flight representatives making one hundred percent contact with the squadron’s personnel . She received the Warrior of the Certificate and the Wing’s Coin from Colonel Joel Jackson, Commander 60th Air Mobility Wing. SrA Jones also selected SrA Rachael Hilliard as someone who as a significant influence on her career since being assigned to Travis AFB. SrA Hilliard is also a Public Health Technician assigned to David Grant Medical Center received the Chief’s Group Coin presented by Chief Master Sergeant Alan Boling, 60th Air Mobility Wing’s Command Chief, for her influence on SrA Jones and being a great Wingman.
Senior Airman Jones
In her own words stated:
I was asked how I feel about winning Warrior of the Week, along with how I feel about my job and work environment as a whole. To be completely honest, I think earning such an award provides a deeper reason to keep striving for greatness and seeking more mentorship and guidance. This past year alone has honestly been the absolute most difficult time of my life and career, ranging from the birth of my first child, the death of my mother of 43, and having been placed in a leadership position during that time with little experience, and overseeing a peer that had the epitome of an opposite personality than that of my own. That Airman, SrA Rachael Hilliard, stuck next to me through these difficult times and never gave up hope that we can both succeed, given the resources that we had. As a result from that, I have gained more resiliency than I thought I could with the constant guidance from my mentor and supervisor, TSgt Crystal Goff. I have done more growing as an adult and as an Airman this year because of those two individuals.
RELEASED (US AIR FORCE Photo by T.C. Perkins Jr.)

antimicrobial resistance-Dr Levine
daycare centers
Image by pennstatenews
Dr. Rachel Levine, Pennsylvania Physician General, visited Penn State’s Bennett Family Center on the morning of Nov. 17. Levine read a book to a group of daycare students entitled ‘Katie Caught a Cold’.

daycare centers
Image by eugenaossi
November 16, 2009 — An owner of a bilingual daycare center meets Governor Patrick while the children look on from the porch.



Some cool daycare images:

Image by JasonUnbound
painting on a rainy day

Party at Kids
Image by Banana Custard

Image by Melly Kay
mutt puppy <3


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Cool Daycare images

Check out these daycare images:

Summer Program
Image by Samhines
Lorelei gets ready with her daycare friends for her first summer program.

Cars and Trucks
Image by The Kids and Kahlie

Image by Karagines


Leaving daycare!

A few nice daycare images I found:

Leaving daycare!
Image by savanna-smiles

Image by CancellieriFamily



Check out these daycare centers images:

daycare centers
Image by coffeebeanben
Daycare center being rebuilt.

NOTE: As of this writing, that dirt pit is now a small playground.

Work begins on Serbian Disabled Daycare Centers
daycare centers
Image by USACE Europe District
Representatives from the U.S. Embassy Belgrade including Ambassador Michael Kirby, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Europe District, the construction contractor and local stakeholders attended groundbreaking ceremonies for two Serbian daycare centers serving disabled children in the towns of Sopot and Pirot, Serbia July 15-16, respectively. The municipality of Sopot has 97 registered persons with severe disabilities ranging in age from 7 to 28 and Pirot has 289 children up to 18 years old living with a disability. The new facilities will enable disabled citizens a place to gain training and education.The projects, funded by the U.S. European Command, will advance EUCOM’s regional goals in furthering education and serve a population in need. (U.S. Army Corps of Engineers photos by Jennifer Aldridge)

Centro Social da Crianca–Madre Cabrini–Daycare Center – 23
daycare centers
Image by jerryzurek


Cool Daycare images

Check out these daycare images:

Image by Q[at]644c

Image by David Dean


ferns in tryon creek state park – MG 1853.JPG

A few nice daycares near me images I found:

ferns in tryon creek state park – MG 1853.JPG
daycares near me
Image by sean dreilinger
copyright © 2010 sean dreilinger

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view ferns in tryon creek state park – MG 1853 JPG on a black background.

Day 2 (Flour Babies)
daycares near me
Image by The Headless Headbanger
This is from January 7. My school’s flour project began today. That means that my flour child was "born" on my birthday.

Everything was splendid today. Mike and Susan joined my family celebration.

This photo displays the "daycare" for the flower children during music class.

Models: Flour Children