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Grandmother Daycare
Image by emmettanderson

Before Daycare
Image by 917press

Online Criminal Background Check – Make Sure the New Person You Are Dating is Not Married

How well do you know the person you are dating? A new coworker? Someone in the church? How about a daycare provider or a new school teacher? Most employers claim to run pre-employment background checks, and often do, but just how extensive are they? We have all heard stories of a sex offender caught in the caught again, even though the employer claims a check was done before the person was hired. But just how far into the background did they go? With an online criminal background check, you can do your own searching and have peace of mind knowing how lengthy the search was.

Using a background check, you can find arrests, convictions for numerous offenses, misdemeanors, felonies, jail and prison sentences, martial status, and much more. If you meet someone new in your life and find yourself having a hard time getting to sleep, or perhaps a new coworker seems a little suspicious to you, all you have to do is perform an online background check. While you should always feel safe with your new found love or in the work place, there is added security knowing you have checked for criminal history.

These searches come in two types: free and pay. Free searches are often only very basic, stripped down reports, and will usually list an offense and date, but no details. While this is good to know, sometimes the details make all the difference. Pay reports are required for record keeping and maintenance, and these often have more detail. Ask the record provider for a sample report so you know what you might get.

All said and done, regardless of if you get a free report or pay, you can have peace of mind knowing you did a full online criminal background check on someone and don’t have to rely on the word of another person. That is security and safety for you, your family, and the community.

The bottom line is when it comes to you and your family’s safety, you can never be to careful. After using various services to check up on people, here is my #1 recommended service for criminal background checks

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Nice Daycare photos

A few nice daycare images I found:

Image by Dogwalker Brasil

Image by JasonUnbound
koda’s first day of daycare

daycare 14

Some cool daycare images:

daycare 14
Image by Parker Knight

2008 02 14 DayCare at Ms Potts and Valentines Day 148
Image by dcarlson54

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Apostrophe Misuse on Flyer
daycares near me
Image by Mr.TinDC
Flyer spotted in Columbia Heights, with eye-catching apostrophe issues.

Disclaimer: this may well be an excellent daycare center, and lord knows we don’t have enough childcare options in DC, but since it was posted on a public street, I thought it was OK to photograph.

Be still my heart! At daycare, the threes do drawings and the teachers write down what the kids say they are drawing. This piece by Sagan is labeled, “I am climbing up to the mountains” 🙂 🙂 🙂
daycares near me
Image by Vicky TGAW

Nice Daycare photos

Some cool daycare images:

Doggy daycare
Image by Tomathon
The puppy has pink dyed ears and tail.

daycare hallowe’en party
Image by freeformkatia
Ethan and Khiree

Daycare has been boarded!
Image by wiggoaugogo

The excursions near Pamplona

Pamplona and its offers

You probably have heard about Pamplona as an important city for the Spanish bullfighting tradition. It is true, the city is struggling to keep alive a tradition which is on the verge of dying, but it also has a wide range of other activities to keep you occupied and entertained throughout the entire period of your holiday. First of all, the Valleys found in the East of Pamplona represent an important place for a one day trip. The Roncal and Salazar Valleys are the most renowned; they are both absolutely spectacular, because the green valleys are surrounded from all sides by high mountain peaks. Ochagavia is a traditional and very romantic village hosted by the beautiful Salazar Valley famous for a Basilica built in a Romanesque style in the 13th century. The medieval Javier Castle should also be a monument on your sightseeing list, because it is the place where Saint Francisco Javier was born.

The South of Pamplona

Tafalla is located just 35 kilometers from Pamplona and it is the place where tourists can visit the beautiful and luxurious palaces belonging to the Feria Marquis and to the Guendulain Count. The Bardenas Reales Natural Park is a destination for those who are in love with nature. The park will impress you with breathtaking and at the same time bizarre views of a desert like landscape which seems to spread on more than 400 square kilometers. 


Estella is a very old town founded more than 900 years ago. Estella is of unimaginable historical importance for Spain and Spaniards, as it hosts the famous Palaces belonging to the Navarra Kings. History is not the only important aspect of Estella, because cuisine is as important as history, especially for tourists. The gourmet seeking tourists will feel like they are in heaven in Estella, because the range of traditional dishes is very wide.

Saint James’ Way

Of great importance for the religious tourists, Saint James’ Way attracts pilgrims from all the corners of the world and it does it every year. The medieval Chapel is an important attraction for the pilgrim way because it is a place where pilgrims who unfortunately died along the way from various causes are buried. Puente la Reina is the Spanish village which is thought to be among the most beautiful that the country has; the 11th century bridge is what you should not miss in Puente la Reina.

A vacation where you enjoy all the comforts at ferienwohnung tossa de mar, ferienwohnung spanien and ferienwohnungen playa d’aro where you can also see sun, sea and beach..You will be provided with the best service!

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Cool Daycare images

A few nice daycare images I found:

Planting out lentil seedlings from daycare
Image by Ruth and Dave

136/365 ESPN Daycare
Image by Mike Poresky
I went with my dad today to a daycare center being built.

2003 12 20 – DayCare around the House (87)
Image by dcarlson54

An Ounce Of Prevention

Let’s face it: As a parent or guardian, your child means everything to you. When putting your child through daycare or school, it is important to make sure that nothing goes wrong to harm your child – either physically or mentally.

Additionally, your child’s health and safety should be one of your top concerns. If your child is enrolled in a day care or school program and something goes wrong, you’re sure to feel upset or angry.

However, taking an aggressive approach and complaining with the daycare or school can sometimes make the problem worse rather than better. Rather, you should take preventative measures to making sure that your child will have a wonderful experience.

Below are some proven steps you can follow to making sure that your child doesn’t run into any serious problem at daycare or school:

– Do not blame anyone before having solid proof or evidence. Work with your child’s teacher or caregiver on coming up with several solutions to the problem and reaffirm your active role in your child’s education. By being a problem-solver, you’re not only showing that you’re active and involved in your child’s life, but also that you’re a responsible individual who cares about coming up with solutions rather than winning arguments.

– Use subtlety when trying to probe the truth from teachers or caretakers. Try to find something worth praising or noting in the school or person who is working with your child. Starting the conversation out on a positive note shows that not only are you concerned about your child’s well being, but that you also notice and appreciate the dedication and enthusiasm of the caregivers and teachers involved.

– Let your child tell you in his or her own words what’s going on at daycare or school. However, you shouldn’t rely on their explanation as the only one. Get information from teachers, classmates or even other parents. You’ll find that there are several sides to the story, and the more you know, the more fully and accurately you can approach the teacher or caretaker and voice your concerns.

– Follow up with the people you’ve taken your complaints to and talk with your child to see how things have improved. If the situation hasn’t changed, take your complaint to the next person up and repeat the steps above until a resolution has been made. Being informed and involved with your child’s school shows that you’re more interested in seeing quality results than making a one-time complaint and letting the issue sit while nothing is done to correct it.

– Try to keep the issue on the actual incident instead of the people involved. This helps minimize any later confrontations (between your child and another child, for example), and also helps the teacher focus on the problem and not the ones who started it. Also, don’t forget or ignore your child’s possible role in the problem.

As they say, it is best to prevent than to find a cure later. Always be sure to show your confidence in the daycare or school you enroll your child in. This way the daycare or school will also respond by living up to your expectations!

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20th Anniversary- Oklahoma City Bombing-150419

Some cool daycares near me images:

20th Anniversary- Oklahoma City Bombing-150419
daycares near me
Image by usacetulsa
Click here to learn more about the Tulsa District U.S. Army Corps of Engineers

20 years later: Tulsa District engineers recall Oklahoma City Bombing, response

Story and photo by Brannen Parrish

Following the bombing of the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building in Oklahoma City, April 19, 1995, the Tulsa District U.S. Army Corps of Engineers dispatched three structural engineers to monitor the site.

Mark McVay and two other civil engineers arrived the next day. The District sent a fourth structural engineer, Mark Burkholder, a couple of weeks later, to monitor the site so demolitions experts could implode the remaining structure.

The bomb that destroyed the building detonated just 15 feet from the building and caused the deaths of 168 people.

“After the blast, a lot of Good Samaritans rushed in to help,” said Mark McVay. “One of the people who responded was a nurse. She just arrived at the site and was trying to help victims when a piece of debris fell and hit her on the head.”

The nurse, Rebecca Anderson, went to the site after seeing news reports on television. She died in the hospital four days later. Though rescue workers sustained numerous injuries searching for and assisting survivors, she was the only one killed.

“The roof of the Murrah Building was made from a mixture of light concrete and insulation, and it just crumbled in the explosion,” McVay said. “There were large chunks of debris hanging from the skeleton of the building that could crush a car if they fell.”

The civil engineers used a transit, a surveying tool used to measure angles, and a telescope to watch for falling debris. They also advised rescue workers as they attempted to remove rubble during the search for survivors.

“We would go into an area and assess the structure and tell them, whether they could move a piece without endangering a survivor,” said McVay. “There were a lot of long days. I remember being exhausted.”

Burkholder was sent in as the building was being prepped it for demolition.

“The demolition experts were drilling holes to weaken the remaining structure and to place the charges,” Burkholder said. “They were concerned that as they weakened it, a slab might fall down. There are critical spots on the building that you don’t want to move and we checked them regularly.”

The engineers set up their transit under an American elm tree in what used to be a parking lot between the Murrah Building and the Journal Record Building. The explosion sent glass and shrapnel into the tree’s trunk and branches, and even destroyed some of the branches. Though the explosion ripped away a portion of the Journal Record Building’s roof, the elm remained.

“At that time it was just a tree,” said Burkholder. “But a lot of people in casual conversation were asking, ‘How did that tree survive?’”

The Survivor Tree has thrived in the years following the bombing. Though it represented a curious improbability at the time, today it is a symbol of a community’s resilience.

“You have to realize that businesses in the area were so damaged they just closed down. I had to go five blocks to buy a sandwich and the sandwich shop that was open had damage. I thought the entire area around the site would be demolished,” said McVay. “I never realized that tree would become a symbol for the survivors or the city, even though we were all commenting, ‘that’s one tough tree.’”

McVay and Burkholder both agreed that they were most affected by the destruction of the daycare located on the second floor of the building, and just above the blast zone.

“It was the saddest thing I’d ever seen in my life,” said McVay. “It hit you in the gut when you see little kids’ toys scattered amongst the debris.”

Burkholder said he visited the site 10 years ago on a field trip with one of his children.

“When I first went back it kind of weighed on my mind,” he said. “It was tough. I can’t imagine the people who were doing the search and rescue operations.”

McVay said he is considering whether he will visit on the 20th anniversary.

“No, I haven’t been back. I can’t say that I haven’t had the chance, I just haven’t gone back,” he said. “I’d like to go sometime. I hadn’t planned on going on the anniversary but now that you mention it.”

The other structural engineers from the Tulsa District have moved on to other assignments. Lori Thomas now works at the Galveston District and John VanLeeuwen now works for the U.S. Department of Agriculture.

Click here to learn more about the Tulsa District U.S. Army Corps of Engineers

“School picture” from daycare, 6 months old
daycares near me
Image by The Amber Joy
And the best-dressed baby there that day, if I do say so myself!

Hairbows & Smiles
daycares near me
Image by super-structure
Ainsley on the way to "work" (i.e., daycare).