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7 Tips To Finding The Right Childcare Center For Your Child

For a parent, choosing the right childcare center can be stressful. As a result, parents need to take their time to do the appropriate research and make sure that the center in question is truly a good fit for their child. Here are some simple tips to help in the process.

Tip 1: List Important Personal Factors

First, know your family’s personal needs. Location and price are likely to be factors, but so are the ages of the children. For younger children, an early childhood development program may be necessary, while older children may only need an after school childcare provider.

Tip 2: Know What to Ask

Parents also need to know what characteristics indicate a quality childcare center. Is it licensed by the state? Has the center been accredited by any organizations such as the National Association for the Education for Young Children? Have the childcare providers had any formal training?

Tip 3: Seek Recommendations

Talk to other parents and ask for their recommendations. However, don’t just get the names, ask some additional questions. Have the parents ever used another childcare center? If so, why did they switch? Are they pleased with their current early childhood development program?

Tip 4: Conduct a Phone Interview

Call the director and ask her to describe the facility. What is the typical day like? How much time is spent on formal lessons, playtime, and naps? What are the age ranges, the teacher to pupil ratio, or the staff turnover rate?

Tip 5: Visit the Childcare Center

Arrange a tour of the center that includes spending time in your child’s classroom. This will provide an opportunity to watch how the childcare providers and other children interact with your child. Does the ratio seem appropriate? Is the teacher nurturing, and does she handle discipline appropriately?

Tip 6: Check References

Ask the daycare for additional references and then follow up on them. This is especially important if the childcare center was located through an advertisement and not a personal recommendation. Make sure at least one of the references is from a parent of a currently enrolled child.

Tip 7: Re-evaluate the Childcare Center

Once the child has been enrolled, parents need to remain cautious. Talk to the staff, and be watchful of sudden changes in your child’s attitude toward the center. A few unannounced visits are even better, as these can be the most revealing.

In trying to locate the right childcare center, parents need to take extra care. Make sure to do some research, spend time talking to people, and visit the centers in question. Doing this will help reassure you, and will provide your child with a wonderful childcare experience.

Angela Walker has a passion for children, and her and her staff at Next Generation Children’s Center in Reno, NV are dedicated to helping foster your child’s early childhood development.

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Carlsbad Child-care And Debate Over The Effects On A Child

Day care is, and has been, a rapidly thriving industry for both owners of these facilities and parents for the last decade. With the downturn in the economy, glaringly seen in California, families are being forced to have double income streams to survive. This results in many children being put in day-care at younger ages, as both dad and mom must have full-time work. When looking at Carlsbad childcare, among other locations throughout the country, the debate on the effect it has on the kid continues.

First appearing in the 1800s, the earliest facilities for child-care were charitable organizations often run by religious groups. These centers really become popular during World War II, and were sponsored federally, when many women were encouraged to have jobs. However, the first privately owned facility did not open until the 1900s, which is amazing with how many locations exist today.

Looking at a study related to social development, it concludes that the more time spent in day care by the age of 4, a higher likelihood of aggressive behavior by kindergarten would exist. However, looking closer into this study, it shows that all kids were in the normal range, and that pretty much every child, in day-care or not, would have increased behavioral problems. The main conclusion to draw from this study is the fact that those living in higher-income households, with well educated attentive parents, will see the least behavior related issues.

The biggest factor that effects the development of a kid in day-care is obviously the actual quality level of the day care. In terms of intellectual progression, the basic math skills and learning to write ones name, are actually learned at a much younger age in day care when compared to being at home. It is obvious, yet unfortunate, that a lower quality of facility could hinder the development intellectually of a child, as most studies conclude that those children in a highly rated day-care program can developer quicker.

As the educational and emotional sides continue to be debated, the physical aspect of growth in a day care setting has truly only positive results. Families in the average to high income bracket see no problems in the physical development of their child at all. However, those from lower income households, see dramatic and drastic improvements.

Though the debates among parents will continue on the topic of day care, the best and final decisions will ultimately be placed with the parents themselves. As parents search for the perfect Carlsbad childcare facility, they need to take their time until they find the perfect one. If the search is conducted properly, their child will grow educationally and emotionally, and they will have peace of mind.

Children’s Villages is a Carlsbad Childcare Center located in Sunny California with a loving Carlsbad Daycare , Child Care Carlsbad and more!

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Child Care In Carlsbad And The Much Debated Issues On A Child’s Development

A flourishing and seemingly recession-proof industry, day care centers are big business for the owners of the facilities, and a major part of life for many parents. Due to the current economic conditions, especially in California, families are almost forced today to have double incomes in order to survive. Unfortunately, this will result in many kids being placed in these day-care centers at very young ages. When discussing Carlsbad childcare, or any location in the country, there are questions and concerns in regards to the developmental effects on the child.

With origins dating all the way back to the 1800s, child-care facilities in the United States were originally charitable organizations. With the first privately operated facilities not opening until the 1900s, day-care centers really gained their popularity during the Great Depression. These early facilities were sponsored by the federal government and usually operated by different religious groups.

Socially speaking, one major study has shown the more time a child spends in day care, between birth and the age of four, a higher level of aggression would be displayed. However, it is important to note that most of the children in this study were still within normal levels. Additionally, though all kids in day care had some sort of behavioral issues, the ones that lived in households with educated and attentive parents were affected the least.

Next, and perhaps the factor with the biggest influence on the development of a child, is the actual quality level of the facility. Skills such as simple math, writing ones name, and the alphabet are all usually learned quicker in this setting than at home. Though the fact still remains that a lower quality center could slow intellectual growth, studies prove the fact that development is still actually higher than those not in day care.

As the emotional and educational debate continues, there is nothing to argue about when discussing the physical side of the matter. Families that have an average or high income level seem to see no alterations at all when it comes to the physical development. However, a significant improvement is seen in kids from lower income homes, with a drastically improved developmental time line.

The best and wisest decision for each child is best left up to the individual parents who know the needs of their offspring the best. When looking for Carlsbad childcare services, make sure that you do your research and find one that suits all of your needs. Over time, you will find the perfect match that your child will be happy with and that will offer you peace of mind while at work.

Children’s Villages is a Carlsbad Childcare Center located in Sunny California with a loving Carlsbad Daycare , Child Care Carlsbad and more!

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What is the Best Type of Child Safety Gates

As there are differences in the designs of houses, schools, and day-care centers, together with the varied developmental needs of children, one could expect many ways to ensure physical safety. Given that a child’s environment performs a significant role in his/her holistic development, one cannot be careless in choosing tools that can promote both learning and exploration by the child within the spaces where he/she is. Thanks to the invention of the child safety gate, parents and caregivers could lessen their apprehensions about possible dangers as the child is learning how to stretch his/her muscles by walking and tumbling.

Sharing this belief, childproofing products manufacturers seek various ways in improving child safety gates. For consumers, it has been tempting to rely on “common sense” in looking for the best buys from the large pool to select from. However, common sense usually betrays. The good thing is that there are many agencies which define the standards of well-made safety gates. In the US, the Juvenile Products Manufacturers Association which depends on ASTM International, issues certification seals to products which pass their tests.

How early should a child safety gate be used? According to the JPMA, as early as 6 months until the precarious age of 2 years when the child is learning how to roll, stand, climb, and walk, the use of a child safety gate is encouraged. It should always be higher than of the child’s height.

As to setting up a pressure mounted or a hardware mounted child safety gate, several guidelines need to be considered: the place where it is to be installed, the dimensions of the place, and the type of surface where the gate will be mounted on. The pressure mounted type is used in locations such as doorways and ground floors. The hardware mounted type is safer and sturdier because they are especially designed for more accident-prone locations such as the top of the stairs, halls, and entryways. Some are even designed for places such as the hot tubs and fire places. With strict safety standards in mind at the same time, many producers cannot set aside aesthetic appeal and affordability in their criteria.

How long should a child safety gate be used? Once the nifty child has learned the technique of opening the gate or climbing over it, or if the height is not appropriate anymore, then it’s time to say bye-bye to a particular child safety gate.

Reading the product’s manual thoroughly saves one from a lot of mistakes which usually end up with the child in bandages and trauma. Also, regular inspection of the products and the monitoring of the child’s developmental progress come with the use of every childproofing product, the end of which is to keep the young one from all possible harm. As all possible means to make the child “secure” are considered, one has to remember that childproofing products have to give the child a feeling of being loved

If you want to read more articles just like this that talk about children safety gates, check out this website regarding child safety gates.

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How to Prevent Swine Flu in Child Day Care

Problems regarding break out news of the AH1N1 influenza strain more commonly known as the swine flu has continued to rise to international levels. As of the month of May, five thousand carriers of the swine flu have been reported by monitoring agencies such as the World Health Organization. Devastating news recently hit the racks as a Southern Dakota Daycare was ordered to close down because of an insurgence of Swine Flu in the facility.

The influenza virus is often contracted when an unwilling victim gets exposed to a surface, object or carrier that can transmit the virus. The flu can also transmit by touching of one mucous membranes such as your mouth and nose, without properly disinfecting your hands or removing bacteria. Parents and child care facilities must have a good understanding that children should be kept protected and watched over to avoid a contamination in a child care environment.

Children and their daycare provides should often wash their hands with soap and water, prior to a meal after using the bathroom facilities or after an outdoor activity Preventing the spread of swine flu is similar to preventing any kind of disease within the child care setting, there are several tips on how to secure your child care environment and protect children from the spread of germs and disease.

Practice good hand washing

Remember to encourage the use of soap and water to wash the childrens hands every after activity that exposes them to dirt such as playing eating and using the toilet. If water and soap is not available in the area, you can use a child safe hand sanitizer.

Child care providers should wash their hands on a regular basis especially when they have to handle infants as they are more prone to infection. Hand washing should be done before and after feeding, before cleaning a Child’s face and changing diapers as well as after helping kids use the toilet.

Teach the children to wash their hands for a good 20 seconds normally by teaching them a song that they can sing to with that approximate time frame to ensure that their hands are thoroughly clean.

Supervise the children when using an alcohol based hand sanitizer. Remember that the smell of rubbing alcohol is hazardous to infants and should be avoided at all costs. Do not use alcohol based disinfectants for sensitive children.

Rinse appropriately every time you wash your hands as well as the children’s to make sure that all dirt and germs are washed away.

Ensure that the fingertips and surface in between the digits are inspected and cleaned to rule out harmful germ contamination

Adequate supplies of cleaning products is necessary

Always remember that the amount of available supplies to clean and sanitize the environment and yourself, are important and should be placed in strategic locations of the daycare facility.

For the diaper changing facility, make sure that there are a good set of disposable gloves that you can use and a proper dispensing mechanism since gloves and soiled diapers can be considered as bio hazard.

Remember to use products that have the seal of the Environmental Protection Agency or EPA such as registered disinfectants that have been tested to be child safe.

Learn How To Start A Daycare Center, visit OwnADaycare.com.

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Childcare Vouchers: The Best Gift For Your Child

For families with children, it is indeed difficult to meet the costs of childcare, along with the daily requirements of the household. For this reason, childcare allows you to avail the amount specifically for your children. In families where both the parents are working, paying for daycare everyday can be expensive. If you are a working parent and not applied for the vouchers, then it is time you do it. The most important aspect is that, you do not have to fulfill any rigorous formalities and anyone with children, from any profession, can apply for the vouchers. This is indeed the best possible gift for your child since you would ensure that the daily requirements of the child are met. How does Childcare Vouchers Work: childcare vouchers can be availed through your respective employers through, what is unofficially known as the Salary Sacrifice method. This method is very simple, but it means that you have to surrender a part of your salary to your employer. Your employer will then give you the vouchers worth that amount. The limit of redeeming the amount of the vouchers varies from country to country, but its roughly comes to 250 pounds a month and it can save up to 1000 pounds a year. With both the parents working, and with each parent able to redeem vouchers, the amount doubles and the resulting amount takes care of mostly all the expenses that the child requires. And this can be done till your child is 16 years of age. So you can pay for daycare when he is young, then tuition fees or food when he is older.
Advantages: The added advantage is that some generous employers, and if you are fortunate enough to have one such, gives the Child care vouchers along with the normal salary. This is so because every one cares for the children. Moreover, even if you are surrendering a part of your salary, once your child outgrows the age when he needs daycare, you can revert to your original salary. The process is also relatively simple compared to other formalities related to work and day-to-day living. However, you should also remember that the amount to be redeemed each month remains the same; whether you have one child or several children, you can only redeem a fixed amount each month.

If you are thinking that how can you avail these vouchers and how to apply for them, just go ahead and speak with your employer. Moreover, fortunately, most employers are very cooperative when it comes to childcare, so applying for them would be very easy enough.

For more insights and further information about childcare vouchers visit our site http://www.childcare-vouchers.net

Want To Open Your Own Child Care Center?

The one dilemma that parents face each day as they prepare for work is whether their child is receiving the absolute best care in their absence. They want to know their chosen daycare provides learning opportunities, healthy food and a fun environment. It’s with these considerations many leave their government jobs, administrative jobs and even their engineering careers to open their own daycare centers. Think you could provide exceptional child care in your own small business? A. Harrison Barnes, career coach and founder of Hound.com says it takes more than a love for children to open, operate and ensure a successful child care center. There are legalities and compliance issues that are required, as well as a good business plan. While not overwhelming, it is crucial these issues are addressed.

Questions you’ll need to ask yourself include:

Do I want a home-based child care center or should I lease/buy property?
Will I provide after school pick up services for school age children?
What ages will I allow? Infants younger than six weeks? Children older than ten?
What legal structure will I set my small business up as?
Is there a need for a child care center in my community?
How will I handle billing matters? How will I handle late payments?
What will my mission statement be?
Can I require employees to undergo drug testing? Polygraphs?
Where will I find my employees? How many will I need to hire?

You’ll also need to consider your business plan, management plan and training policies. There are many benefits to considering a training program. You’ll be able to assure parents of your capabilities and dedication, as well as those capabilities of your employees. Finally, there are those health considerations that will require a solid plan should they occur. Flu season always presents difficult logistics problems for child center owners. How will you handle those parents who drop off their sick children? Medications children take will also require a dispensing and safety procedure.

We might not be able to help you with the age parameters of the children, but when you’re ready to find qualified employment candidates in your area, we invite you to consider Hound.com. Many of the nation’s top employers find their talent with Hound.com. A. Harrison Barnes developed this unique job aggregation site to bring the best talent to those employers looking for the brightest, experienced and educated job seekers. And the best part? As an employer, you won’t be charged for your job listing. No ads, no subscription fees of any kind and access to those job candidates in your area – what could be better?

This leaves you to deal with the details of opening and operating your child care center without the stresses of finding the ideal job candidate. Before long, you’ll be a small business owner providing an invaluable solution to working parents in your community. That, for many, is the epitome of success.

Elizabeth Martinez – Ph.D. – Organizational Psychology. Provides you with a deep level of insight into your career direction and career development.

What are the functions of child care centers?

Child care centers are now one of the most successful businesses that have grown as an industry now. Nowadays you will see so many child care centers and networks that have evolved and some of them are running successfully. Not every child care center that opens up will survive and be a profitable business. There is some serious hard work and devotion required in order to make it a successful business.

You should know what the functions are or what the purpose of child care centers is. Child care centers are a place where parents drop their children or infants to a school like facility so that their children can be in a safe environment and have proper attention on them.

There is no specific limit for children to attend centers but usually all the children at the center are usually of the same age group. The purpose of children is to spend the day at the child care center with the supervision of teachers and day care center staff.

There are several types of day care center for children who can start from infant day care center to Montessori and the traditional day care center. Starting from the infant day care center the children are quite small and they are looked after and taken care by the staff of the day care center. Usually the staff has to look after the infants to give them food on time and change their clothes if they get dirty by any means.

This is the most difficult job to look after the infants as they tend to cry and be annoying at the same time. The infants are usually in different moods and some tend to annoy and some don’t. The other child care center is Montessori where the children attend as a pre school. Here the children are grouped in classes and taught alphabets and numbers and they are let to draw and color things as well. You should choose a good Montessori for your child because here the child will learn all the basic things before entering school.

If your child will pass out from a good Montessori he or she will have good basic background of the necessary things they have to learn before entering school and the child will not be nervous or shy as he will not be new to the classroom environment.

Choosing the right child care center is a hectic job for parents as they are confused and worried if their child is going to the right place or not and will the child be safe in the environment. In order to make yourself comfortable with these things you should check the child care center yourself or visit the best child care network in your city and have a look around of what type of facilities do they provide to children.

You can search through newspapers and magazines or choose the famous child care center in your city if you face any problems choosing them.

Know more about home childcare and child daycare centers. Please visit us at ChildCareAndPreschool.Com.

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Finding The Right Daycare For Your Child is Crucial For Their Future Success!

You may need to spend a great deal of time researching your options when you have to look for an appropriate daycare facility for your child or children. This will often be their first introduction to learning and socialization, so you will want to ensure you choose very carefully. A child’s first experiences will often lay the foundation for the rest of their lives.

It could be a good idea to get some recommendations from friends and family, as they will often have first hand knowledge and experiences to share with you. You might even like to talk with their children to find out how they like their daycare center. Kids will always be very honest about these things, so it could be a rewarding exercise.

Most parents are reluctant to drop their child off at just any old daycare centre, and so they should be because the best interests of their child are at stake. Appletree daycare is a great example of a daycare facility that has been in operation since 1982. Appletree daycare offers so much more than just ‘babysitting’ your child, as specific programs are developed and implemented to cater for the social, emotional, and intellectual needs of every individual child in their care. Appletree daycare helps to develop a love of learning in all children and they offer a stimulating environment full of learning and laughter. Tender Care Learning Center is another branch of the Bradford Child Care Services family, along with Appletree daycare. If you are looking for Pittsburgh daycare, the Tender Care learning Center should be an option that you investigate thoroughly.

The staff at Pittsburgh day care centers, operated by Appletree daycare and the Tender Care Learning Center, are professionally trained within their field, including essential training such as CPR and First Aid. At Pittsburgh daycare centers you will not only find the friendly and approachable teachers, but there are also center managers as well.

When you walk into a Pittsburgh daycare center run by Appletree daycare, you will feel the welcoming environment and the great sense of family atmosphere. This is important to help children feel comfortable and also to make them feel at home. Parents are always welcome and they are encouraged to participate and comment on their child’s care and learning. Getting involved in your child’s education from an early age will help them to see how much you value their education and will ensure that they prosper throughout their educational experiences. If your child is in a Pittsburgh day care center and you have had some involvement and are up to date with what they have been doing, you will be able to talk to your child and engage in a conversation about their learning. This is also a crucial part of the learning experience.

Many of the specific programs implemented in Pittsburgh daycare centers are based on age and development. All children are at a different stage in their development and Pittsburgh daycare centers cater for this range within the programs they are implementing. This means they are catering for individual learning styles as well so that the children are always engaged at a level they can cope with and develop from. At a Pittsburgh day care center, you will expect to see a great deal of learning taking place through song, stories and creative arts. The children are encouraged to participate in physical activities as well and this caters for their gross motor development.

The right kind of daycare has the potential to place your child on a path towards lifelong learning. Although choosing the right daycare can cause parents a great deal of stress and anxiety, it is good to know that there are professional Pittsburgh day care centers operated by Appletree daycare and the Tender Care Learning Center that can help to put your mind at ease.

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Child Care Blue Island | Daycare And Preschool Questions

Accreditation and citification are two big questions you should ask any child care you are thinking of placing your child with. Although to some degree they are the same there is a big difference between the two.


When speaking of certification you are asking about state and local rules requiring some child care providers to be certified by a licensing authority, often the state’s office of child services. In most states, not all child care providers are required to be certified.

The rules vary from state to state and can be found by calling the state office or searching online for your state’s licensing requirements. The certification rules will normally set the maximum child teacher ratio, education of the teachers, and other basic facility rules. Certified child cares are also required to pass inspections by state officials.

Because there is not minimum number of children to be certified most child care and daycares should be if only to show they are meeting minimum standards of care.


Accreditation in a different story. There are several large nationwide organizations and many small regions ones who have set different standards for care and education by participation child care providers.

The rules vary, but generally cover things such as child teacher ratios, teacher education, safety measures, and education curriculum. These organizations may also offer different levels of membership depending on what level of care the school provides.

Generally only child care centers seek accreditation from national organization because of the cost and complexity of the process, however sometime you will find high quality home daycare accredited.

Because the rules of accreditation vary widely between different organization if is best to spend a couple of minutes and research the organization your possible school is accredited by. A quick online search or call to the local child services offices should give you great insight into the quality of the program.

The leading national organization is the National Association for the Education of Young Children; they have high standards so you will often find the better providers in an area accredited by them.

When looking for a child care or daycare for your child it is important to ask about both certification and accreditation. Only by asking, will you know what you need to make the best possible choice for you and your child.

Devin Murray is a child care expert, teacher and author who regularly contributes articles and videos about finding the right child care for you and your child. To learn more visit: http://www.BlueIslandChildCare.com

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