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Inexpensive ways of researching your daycare customers and prospects

To many market research is a mammoth task conducted by specialized research individuals who conducts questionaires, face to face or telephone interviews, observation, focus groups discussions and study reports and trends. As such many daycare centres do not conduct market research. It is either because they think it is too expensive, do not have the time to do it or do not have the specialized manpower that is able to do it. Quite a lot can actually be done with very little or no additional costs incurred. It simply takes a little tweaking of the daily daycare operations to achieve that. You’ll be amazed how much you can gather with these simple methods.

Group current customers into geographic zones

Looking at current customers and group them into geographic zones, e.g. zip code. As part of the registration form, include a field for zip code of their place of work or place or residence. It’ll provide you with a better picture of the percentage of customers who select your daycare centre because it is near their place of work versus those who select your daycare centre because it is near their homes. This will help you determine the geographical area(s) to concentrate your marketing efforts on.

Survey your customers

Depending on the resources you have, you can choose to survey all your customers or every nth customer. Find out why their signed up with your centre (this can also be included in the contact / registration forms), what the customers think about your products and services, is the product meeting their needs, etc. However, remember to keep question period short – 5 questions minimum and spread it over a span of time of at least 2 weeks especially if you are surveying every nth customer.

Observe your customers

Spend a few hours for 1-2 weeks and observe your customers to find out the information that you wish to gather. For example, do your customers drive, do the children come with their breakfast or do they eat it at home, etc.

Monitor incoming phone calls

When a prospect calls up to enquire about your daycare centre, take a few seconds to gather some additional information such as where did they hear about you or where they are from. Once again, remember, to keep it short.

Track responses to ads and direct mailers

There are two simple ways of doing that.

Track the responses for a week or two after the marketing campaign has run. E.g. track how many phone calls or walk-ins you receive after you had distributed your flyers.
Include an incentive to respond. Include offers which requires them to bring the source of their communication to claim the incentive. E.g. include a “bring this coupon to redeem your gift” (discount).

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Daycare in the Community

General Questions
Once you have determined what kind of day-care facility you will put your child in, you should also look at a number of factors which will verify if the facility is what you are looking for. Here are some important questions a parent should ask:

Are their operating hours amenable with your working hours? Do they allow late pick up and do they implore a penalty fee for such?

Who will they allow to drop off and pick up the child? What kind of identification do they need from the person picking-up the child?

Are they open on holidays? If yes, is there a special rate for such occasions?

Do they have substitute teachers or caregivers in the event that the regular teacher is on leave?

What is their policy on discipline? Do they advise the parents of the child’s misdemeanour?

Do they have a policy on illness, and is an authorization required before they can give prescription medicines? Do they have a place to keep medicines?

Check the day-care centre’s facilities. Do they have fire extinguishers, fire exits, fire alarms, and smoke detectors? Is their equipments child friendly (no sharp objects or furnitures with corners, and the like)? Can the children easily access the reading materials? Is the outdoor play area in good condition and properly fenced? Does the play area have soft flooring in case a child falls or stumbles? Does the centre keep cleaning materials or harmful substances in a place that the children cannot reach?

Is transportation provided by the day-care centre? If yes, what type of vehicle do they use? Do they have car seats for infant and toddlers, and booster seats for preschoolers?

Do they have a schedule for activities?

Are there field trips and will there be an extra cost for such?

Are the teachers and caregivers cheerful, and do they wear a smile? Do the children in the centre look happy? Is the teacher or caregiver able to speak with the children at eye level?

Do they post the art work of the children on the walls?

Do they have time for naps and how do they handle children who do not want to sleep? Is there an appropriate sleeping area for the children and infants?

Corporate Daycare
Based on statistics, inadequate day-care is one of the main reasons for a company’s loss in productivity and man hours. So, why not use this information can be used to urge your employer to provide an on-site day-care centre? It will not only benefit you but your employer as well. If you work in a retail company, you can recommend having a customer drop-off in the day-care centre, like what is being done in other places like Britain. A supermarket in Britain has practiced this for years, as they’ve learned that parents and other customers prefer shopping without distractions. Accordingly, customers who use the drop-off tend to spend more time and money in shopping.

Parade Float
Why not join a local parade? Make a float with blown-up art works of the children at the day-care centre at its sides. You can also create a banner with the children’s handprints on it.

Finding Time to Volunteer
Finding time to do volunteer work is always a good way to give back to the community. Even if you have a full-time job, you can devote an hour or two of your rest day to do something good for others. For example, you can make baked goodies and drop them off with your child at the day-care centre on one of your days off. Some day-care centres operate using public funds, and may benefit from simple acts of generosities like a good carpet shampoo. Ask how you or other parents can help, but do not promise more that what you can give. Even if you can only share a little of your time, it will be valuable to the person or group you are sharing it to.

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Kushies My Bag The Ultimate Daycare/Overnight Bag, Boy Brown/Blue

Kushies My Bag The Ultimate Daycare/Overnight Bag, Boy Brown/Blue

Kushies My Bag The Ultimate Daycare/Overnight Bag, Boy Brown/Blue

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Cool Daycares Near Me images

Some cool daycares near me images:

You’ve gotta be kidding me
daycares near me
Image by Saucy Salad
I don’t have children, but if I did, I think I would want to send them to a daycare that could proofread the expensive signage they had painted to the back of their van. Not that knowing how to spell "years" (not YEARES) is an indication of caregiving prowess, but it does seem like it might be a bit of a canary in a coal mine.

DSC 7271 ep
daycares near me
Image by Eric.Parker
Protest in front of KPMG office re recommended cuts to city services, Bay Street, Toronto, July 21, 2011
I designed and Brian built the stunning banner.

Only the street shots –

Rock star!!
daycares near me
Image by jumping lab
my little Rocky

Find the Best Doggie Daycare

You have to choose the best dog walking services for your beloved pet as this is an essential factor to consider when you are not able to walk your pet on your own.  You have to select the professional dog walker who can take care of your pet with the utmost care and patience.  When searching for dog walkers, ask for references and note whether or not they are insured and bonded.  When you get good quality services, this will provide peace of mind to you.

How to Select the Dog Walking Service

Selecting the right professional dog walking service for your dog is the best help for your dog and also perfect for you while you have a busy schedule.  Dogs can’t always stay in the home as they have to go outside for exercise and to take care of their bathroom duties.  Dog walking is the best answer for the busy dog owner who can’t always take their pup outside on a constant basis. Before you select an individual for dog walking services, here are some considerations:

Make sure that the dog walker only walks a few dogs at a time as too many dogs can cause stress for your pup.
Ask your dog walker if they are certified in pet first aid.
 Ask how the dog walker would address any medical emergency with your dog.
Have open communication with your dog walker and ask for a daily report on what your dog and the dog walker did that day.   
Ask about their experience in the field to ensure they are qualified.
Ask the dog walker whether they are insured and bonded.
If you select a dog sitting provider for your dog, then ask them to do dog walking services also as this is convenient and reduces the overall cost when compared to using a separate provider for each.


Many people use a dog walking service as they work during the day and can’t be at home to let their pet out in the yard to use the bathroom.  Also, a dog walking service allows your pet to get some much needed exercise and you may not always be able to take your dog on frequent walks due to your hectic schedule.

Sivan Health and Fitness® Puzzle Exercise Mat High Quality EVA Foam Interlocking Tiles (Grey, 24 Square Feet) Reviews

Sivan Health and Fitness® Puzzle Exercise Mat High Quality EVA Foam Interlocking Tiles (Grey, 24 Square Feet)

Sivan Health and Fitness® Puzzle Exercise Mat High Quality EVA Foam Interlocking Tiles (Grey, 24 Square Feet)

  • Item Includes 6 tiles And 12 border edges ends, Made out of high density EVA foam for the greatest durability and comfort
  • Each tile measures 24
  • Double-sided gripped surface will make it grip to the floor or carpet to prevent injuries and will protect your floors while providing a comfortable workout area
  • Can also be used as an anti fatigue mat play mat for playrooms, daycares, or under heavy exercise machines to dampens vibration reduce equipment noise and protect your floor or carpet
  • Made from Premium non-toxic durable EVA Foam, Lightweight and Easy to assemble, Water mold and mildew resistant makes it easy to clean,

This Sivan Health and Fitness® Puzzle Exercise Mat High Quality EVA Foam Interlocking Tiles, is perfect for exercise, gymnastics, yoga, crossfit, Pilates, mma, children play areas, daycare’s, workshops, fitness rooms, camping and poolside areas. Can also be used as an anti fatigue mat, Also great for professional gyms, home gyms to protect both your floor and your exercise equipment. They can be assembled in minutes. They are made from high density foam which gives the tiles their soft feel and

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Mother’s Love Child Care Reviews Tifton – Wonderful – Five Star Review

Child Care Tifton Wonderful Five Star Review

Mother’s Love Child Care Tifton – (229) 382-0675
Excellent Five Star Rating…

Mothers Love Too has been an incredible daycare for me. The entire staff has been very warm and responsive. I had my child in another daycare before Mothers Love, and my oldest attended even another dacare when she was of age, neither one of these other daycares compared even slightly to Mothers Love. I can very much highly recommend Mothers Love. I am a student and a single mom, and Mothers Love Too has went above and beyond the necessary measures to meet my needs. I am very proud to have my child attend here and wish that I had found them sooner. – Glow Box (via web)

Mother’s Love Child Care
1925 Whiddon Mill Road
Tifton GA
(229) 382-0675

Child Care Tifton
Mother’s Love Child Care Reviews
Video Rating: / 5

Educational values: Stimulation of imagination and creativity, feeling of responsibility Preschool Game Application for Kids Top Best App Review

Daycare Albuquerque – ABC Preschool

ABC Preschool & Childcare
3615 Candelaria Road NE
Albuquerque, NM 87121
(505) 888-1668

What Is A Daycare Specialist?

A daycare specialist is a type of child care worker that works at a specialized daycare facility. This specialized working environment is what distinguishes a daycare specialist from other child care workers, who often work in private residences. While some daycares require a college degree, most hire those with only a high school diploma. Opportunities for daycare jobs are available in many locations year-round.

A daycare specialist is in charge of caring for children of kindergarten age and younger. Most children are in daycare centers because their parents are working during the day. Some daycare centers also accept older children for a few hours before or after school. Employment as a daycare specialist is very demanding. The job requires an individual to be responsible for several aspects of childcare.

Some people mistakenly believe daycare workers simply provide some games or children’s TV programs to watch, much like a babysitter would. Daycare centers do much more. Daycare specialists are responsible for teaching children, leading educational activities, providing nutritious meals and snacks, and helping in all aspects of a child’s growth: physical, emotional, and social. In additional to these tasks, daycare workers are responsible for keeping the children and the facilities clean during the day.

In some daycare centers, certified pre-school teachers head the educational classes. At these times daycare specialists act as assistants to the pre-school teachers. In this supporting role, daycare workers often help with the educational material and projects. They are also responsible for taking care of children’s personal needs so that major disruptions of classes can be avoided.

While most of the day is spent with the children, daycare workers may also have other duties when the children are not present or in the care of others. Daycare specialists are required to hold meetings with parents. Some of these meetings are informal, but some daycare centers require formal conferences. In addition, daycare specialists must keep records on each child detailing the child’s progress and any significant events for the day. Parents can then use this information to continue with some of the same topics at home that the children learned at daycare.

Daycare specialists are usually given duties for one particular age group of children. Some specialize in the care of infants, changing them, feeding them, and providing them with fun yet educational distractions. Others may specialize in the needs of toddlers, while yet other daycare specialists are trained to work with older children.

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Nice Daycare Centers photos

A few nice daycare centers images I found:

daycare centers
Image by Fem Eggers