2017-07-12 PEN Town Brd Work Session

Produced by Town of Penfield Television
Supervisor R. LaFountain presiding, three Town Board Members, Deputy Town Clerk, Town Engineer and Developmental Services Director
00:00:01 Call to Order | Approval of Minutes | Monthly Reports
00:00:59 Guest Item: Request for Streamline Approval for Esthetic Shop at 2118 Five Mile Line Road
00:09:00 Kidtopia Daycare, 1280 Creek Street (LB District)
00:19:26 Town Comprehensive Plan Update 2020
00:27:02 Conversion of Pre-Existing Non-Conforming industrial building to climate controlled storage – 1385 Empire Blvd
00:31:25 Mixed Use Findings Statement
Adjournment – Next Town Board Work Session is July 26, 2017

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