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Having good time in my new daycare w/Cristina & Geraldine

A few nice daycares near me images I found:

Having good time in my new daycare w/Cristina & Geraldine
daycares near me
Image by omer roll

At my daycare
daycares near me
Image by omer roll


A few nice daycares near me images I found:

daycares near me
Image by Jacqueliine Pallesen
top letter from one of the people in the building annoyed with the kids here. the second letter is a response from people without kids. i’ll translate on the photo

daycares near me
Image by jpmm
Residential, daycare. (built 2011, see tags for further known data). Op dit werk is een Creative Commons Licentie van toepassing.

How to Spend an Incredible Summer With the Kids

With school out soon, parents either feel two things. 1)”Wow, I can’t wait to spend more time with my kids!” or 2)”Oh, boy, here we go. How will we fill their time?”

Parents who work outside the home have no choice but to send their kids to camps or daycares during the the day, but stay-at-home moms or dads need to get creative. If you need some ideas on how best to occupy your kids this summer then what follows will be just what you need.

In order for children to be happy and content four things need to be present in their day:

1) Routine
2) Stimulation
3) Free Play/Alone time
4) Sleep

How do we structure their days so that all four requirements are met? The following is what a typical day could look like:

8 am Kids wake up (or 9 am)

Eat a healthy breakfast

Have free time to play, watch a good quality children’s program (no fighting, violence, or quick flashing images) for a half hour or hour

Learn how to make or bake something with mommy or daddy. This can be a craft or a baked good.

Eat a healthy lunch

Put them down for a nap or if older, take them outside to:

a) a playground

b) a friends house (this way you can have a tea or coffee with another adult while the kids play!)

c) a play gym

d) walk somewhere (grocery store, post office, ice cream store)

e) take pictures of nature with a disposable or digital camera (Children love this! Give them a

brief lesson on how to focus on an object etc. then let them be creative with whatever they

want to capture) Make these pictures part of another day’s craft activity!

f) kick around a ball together

g) walk in the countryside

h) go to a museum

i) go to the zoo

j) send the kids on a scavenger hunt and after they find everything they can enjoy a homemade

popsicle or ice cream!

k) go to grandma and grandpa’s house

l) play catch

m) meet the working parent for his or her coffee break (how nice to visit them during the day for a

short coffee, tea, lemonade or chocolate milk!)

n) weed the garden or grass (believe it or not, some kids really like doing this! Put on some good

music and have an enjoyable time together)

o) take care of the garden plants by watering them, picking off dead leaves etc.

p) wash the car with buckets of soapy water, sponges and shammy cloths

q) turn on the sprinkler(s) and let the kids run through the water (you can either join in or read a

good book while they play)

Come home and let the children have some “Alone Time” (for you as well!)

Eat a healthy dinner

Spend some quality family time together

To bed no later than 9:00pm for younger children and 10pm for older children.

Voila! A perfect day that is routined and stimulating yet has plenty of free play and sleep.

Erin Kurt is currently the president of Erin Parenting, a company devoted to empowering parents with the tools, training and support they need to create the family life they truly want. She is also the author of Juggling Family Life. To learn more about her book and to sign up for more FREE tips like these, visit her site at

Daycare Center, Gaza

Check out these daycare images:

Daycare Center, Gaza
Image by Marius Arnesen
Gaza 2009 Project by Marius Arnesen is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Norway License.

Aerial roof top Daycare
Image by Jaypeg21
From atop View St. parkade.

Carlsbad Child-care And Debate Over The Effects On A Child

Day care is, and has been, a rapidly thriving industry for both owners of these facilities and parents for the last decade. With the downturn in the economy, glaringly seen in California, families are being forced to have double income streams to survive. This results in many children being put in day-care at younger ages, as both dad and mom must have full-time work. When looking at Carlsbad childcare, among other locations throughout the country, the debate on the effect it has on the kid continues.

First appearing in the 1800s, the earliest facilities for child-care were charitable organizations often run by religious groups. These centers really become popular during World War II, and were sponsored federally, when many women were encouraged to have jobs. However, the first privately owned facility did not open until the 1900s, which is amazing with how many locations exist today.

Looking at a study related to social development, it concludes that the more time spent in day care by the age of 4, a higher likelihood of aggressive behavior by kindergarten would exist. However, looking closer into this study, it shows that all kids were in the normal range, and that pretty much every child, in day-care or not, would have increased behavioral problems. The main conclusion to draw from this study is the fact that those living in higher-income households, with well educated attentive parents, will see the least behavior related issues.

The biggest factor that effects the development of a kid in day-care is obviously the actual quality level of the day care. In terms of intellectual progression, the basic math skills and learning to write ones name, are actually learned at a much younger age in day care when compared to being at home. It is obvious, yet unfortunate, that a lower quality of facility could hinder the development intellectually of a child, as most studies conclude that those children in a highly rated day-care program can developer quicker.

As the educational and emotional sides continue to be debated, the physical aspect of growth in a day care setting has truly only positive results. Families in the average to high income bracket see no problems in the physical development of their child at all. However, those from lower income households, see dramatic and drastic improvements.

Though the debates among parents will continue on the topic of day care, the best and final decisions will ultimately be placed with the parents themselves. As parents search for the perfect Carlsbad childcare facility, they need to take their time until they find the perfect one. If the search is conducted properly, their child will grow educationally and emotionally, and they will have peace of mind.

Children’s Villages is a Carlsbad Childcare Center located in Sunny California with a loving Carlsbad Daycare , Child Care Carlsbad and more!

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Nice Daycares Near Me photos

A few nice daycares near me images I found:

sequoia (with bed-head) eating blackberry apricot pie – _MG_9340
daycares near me
Image by sean dreilinger
copyright © 2009 sean dreilinger

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view sequoia (with bed-head) eating blackberry apricot pie – _MG_9340 on a black background.

On Safari — Stage 2 — 2

Check out these daycares near me images:

On Safari — Stage 2 — 2
daycares near me
Image by dugspr — Home for Good
The little ones are on another walkabout. This was taken from my porch about an hour after yet another thunderstorm. Just look at those faces.

Jaret as Puppy Jaret during his daycare Halloween Parade!
daycares near me
Image by mishie
The munchkin wouldn’t continue in his parade unless I was holding his hand

Child Care In Carlsbad And The Much Debated Issues On A Child’s Development

A flourishing and seemingly recession-proof industry, day care centers are big business for the owners of the facilities, and a major part of life for many parents. Due to the current economic conditions, especially in California, families are almost forced today to have double incomes in order to survive. Unfortunately, this will result in many kids being placed in these day-care centers at very young ages. When discussing Carlsbad childcare, or any location in the country, there are questions and concerns in regards to the developmental effects on the child.

With origins dating all the way back to the 1800s, child-care facilities in the United States were originally charitable organizations. With the first privately operated facilities not opening until the 1900s, day-care centers really gained their popularity during the Great Depression. These early facilities were sponsored by the federal government and usually operated by different religious groups.

Socially speaking, one major study has shown the more time a child spends in day care, between birth and the age of four, a higher level of aggression would be displayed. However, it is important to note that most of the children in this study were still within normal levels. Additionally, though all kids in day care had some sort of behavioral issues, the ones that lived in households with educated and attentive parents were affected the least.

Next, and perhaps the factor with the biggest influence on the development of a child, is the actual quality level of the facility. Skills such as simple math, writing ones name, and the alphabet are all usually learned quicker in this setting than at home. Though the fact still remains that a lower quality center could slow intellectual growth, studies prove the fact that development is still actually higher than those not in day care.

As the emotional and educational debate continues, there is nothing to argue about when discussing the physical side of the matter. Families that have an average or high income level seem to see no alterations at all when it comes to the physical development. However, a significant improvement is seen in kids from lower income homes, with a drastically improved developmental time line.

The best and wisest decision for each child is best left up to the individual parents who know the needs of their offspring the best. When looking for Carlsbad childcare services, make sure that you do your research and find one that suits all of your needs. Over time, you will find the perfect match that your child will be happy with and that will offer you peace of mind while at work.

Children’s Villages is a Carlsbad Childcare Center located in Sunny California with a loving Carlsbad Daycare , Child Care Carlsbad and more!

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What is the Best Type of Child Safety Gates

As there are differences in the designs of houses, schools, and day-care centers, together with the varied developmental needs of children, one could expect many ways to ensure physical safety. Given that a child’s environment performs a significant role in his/her holistic development, one cannot be careless in choosing tools that can promote both learning and exploration by the child within the spaces where he/she is. Thanks to the invention of the child safety gate, parents and caregivers could lessen their apprehensions about possible dangers as the child is learning how to stretch his/her muscles by walking and tumbling.

Sharing this belief, childproofing products manufacturers seek various ways in improving child safety gates. For consumers, it has been tempting to rely on “common sense” in looking for the best buys from the large pool to select from. However, common sense usually betrays. The good thing is that there are many agencies which define the standards of well-made safety gates. In the US, the Juvenile Products Manufacturers Association which depends on ASTM International, issues certification seals to products which pass their tests.

How early should a child safety gate be used? According to the JPMA, as early as 6 months until the precarious age of 2 years when the child is learning how to roll, stand, climb, and walk, the use of a child safety gate is encouraged. It should always be higher than of the child’s height.

As to setting up a pressure mounted or a hardware mounted child safety gate, several guidelines need to be considered: the place where it is to be installed, the dimensions of the place, and the type of surface where the gate will be mounted on. The pressure mounted type is used in locations such as doorways and ground floors. The hardware mounted type is safer and sturdier because they are especially designed for more accident-prone locations such as the top of the stairs, halls, and entryways. Some are even designed for places such as the hot tubs and fire places. With strict safety standards in mind at the same time, many producers cannot set aside aesthetic appeal and affordability in their criteria.

How long should a child safety gate be used? Once the nifty child has learned the technique of opening the gate or climbing over it, or if the height is not appropriate anymore, then it’s time to say bye-bye to a particular child safety gate.

Reading the product’s manual thoroughly saves one from a lot of mistakes which usually end up with the child in bandages and trauma. Also, regular inspection of the products and the monitoring of the child’s developmental progress come with the use of every childproofing product, the end of which is to keep the young one from all possible harm. As all possible means to make the child “secure” are considered, one has to remember that childproofing products have to give the child a feeling of being loved

If you want to read more articles just like this that talk about children safety gates, check out this website regarding child safety gates.

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Nice Daycare photos

Some cool daycare images:

Image by Dogwalker Brasil

Corre Millady!
Image by Dogwalker Brasil

Daycare Dogwalker – Panda
Image by Dogwalker Brasil