Baseball Star to Manny Star

During his last year at Northwood University Connor Foley’s baseball coach asked him to nanny his twins for him. Foley played for Coach Bischel at Northwood, but had one more year of college and no more eligibility to play baseball. He worked at daycares during college and enjoys kids. Bischel was recently hired as Central Michigan’s new head baseball coach, Foley followed his coach and continues to nanny(manny) for him. He will also travel with the team and watch the twins.

Foley hopes to open his own daycare soon. He currently nannies the twins and other coaches kids. Some days he may have 6 kids. Foley says even when he’s not working he still spend most of his time with the twins.

Most people think of women being nannys and not guys. When he is out and about with the twins most people assume they are his, he then corrects them and says he’s their nanny and most have a surprised reaction.

Follow the twins Instagram @lukeandparker run by their manny Connor Foley.

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