BikeTank 8: Presentation by Team A

At BikeTank #8 we welcomed special guest thinker Camilla Schippa from the Institute of Economics and Peace who spoke of the Global Peace Index for rating countries and states on their relative level of peacefulness. Camilla also reminded us that peace must be a pre-requisite for any collaboration. Our 5X5 took that notion and explored zones of conflict in intersections in the city, proposing new forms of socially-generated interactions that brought respect, care and generosity back into the city. The Tartan Roads Concept proposed a gridded hierarchy of streets to allow cyclist and pedestrians to enjoy dedicated streets separated from heavier traffic. A street-side bicycle bell artwork would allow children leaving a daycare centre to ring the bell to warn cyclists before crossing over the cycle way. This and similar approaches designed awareness and civility into the infrastructure.

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