Brighter Futures in Cuba Through Hope and Education

Join Orphan’s Promise’s Latin America Regional Coordinator, Karina Nuñez, as she shows you our daycare program in Cuba:

Hi, I’m Karina and I’m here on the famous boardwalk in Havana, Cuba.

As I look around at the architecture and automobiles lining the streets, I feel like I’ve traveled 50 years back in time. Although time seems frozen here in Cuba, the Cuban people are cheerful and kind, and quick to smile and share the energy they are famous for!

Beyond the material needs that we see here in Cuba, the people have demonstrated a tremendous hunger to know more about God. This is why for the last 5 years, Orphan’s Promise has been supporting discipleship projects for many Cuban children. With discipleship clubs throughout the Island, more than 20,000 kids have learned about the love of God through powerful evangelistic camps, fun summer schools and dynamic children’s clubs. A new generation passionate for Jesus rises in Cuba!

Although we were excited to see the Gospel being shared in Cuba, we wanted to go even further, and by the grace of God, we recently celebrated a major accomplishment. In partnership with Bethel Church, we opened the very first free private Daycare in Havana, where 15 children receive daily care, early education, food and of course, learn about Jesus’ love in a tangible way.

The Daycare is truly a light in this community! The little ones arrive every day happy to be in this place that is clean and safe, and where games, smiles and many hugs are a normal part of every day. Not only are we able to make a difference in the lives of these children, but the daycare is a blessing to the whole family.

The children’s parents are extremely grateful for the program because now they can go to work without having to leave their little children alone. They also feel loved and cared for through the “School for Parents” project at the church, where they are taught biblical principles on parenting.

The great news is that most of the families whose children attend the day care have begun to attend the church! Our incredible donors allow us to reach children in the most vulnerable homes in Cuba, and when you give, you are not only helping us to impact a generation, but you also allow us to give each Cuban family the chance as a brighter future.

ABOUT US: is a children’s ministry of the CBN. We serve orphans and other vulnerable children around the world, bringing them from at-risk to Thriving. Come see lives renewed and restored through the transforming power of God’s love!

tooWe partner with local outreaches around the world to provide fundamental care (fulfilling physical, emotional, educational, and spiritual needs) to help orphans and other vulnerable children discover love and enable them to achieve their highest potential.

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