Cat Care Products and Supplies

You have just brought home your new kitten and you need to know how to care for your new cat.  It can be overwhelming when you go out to buy the necessary cat supplies. Listed below are the necessary essentials that you will need for your cat’s first day home.

First of all you give your cat or kitten time to acclimate themselves to their new environment.  It might be a good idea to give them their own room for the first week or so to get used to the sounds and smells in the house.  And then little by little you can introduce them to the rest of the house until they feel completely at home.  It’s a good idea to introduce them slowly and safely with other pets in the home.

Cat care supplies you will need on the first day:

1. A good size cat litter box with a lid.  The lid will help keep the odor from spreading through the house, and it will keep the cat litter sand inside the box.  And your kitty will feel much more secure going inside a box in private.

2. You will need a good kitten food.  It’s important if you are bringing home a kitten to feed a food specially formulated for kittens.  It will have all the vitamins and minerals for a growing kitten.  It is highly recommended to buy an organic food because it won’t have harmful chemicals or food additives that create problems later on.

3. A good brush that will help your kitten get used to grooming.  It should be soft bristled since cats and kittens have very sensitive skin.  Anything too harsh, and your cat will not like being groomed.

4. Cat toys and a scratching post.  These will help keep your kitten busy and exercised as well as keeping it away from your furniture.  The tall cat posts are a great investment.  They will last for years.

And the main part of kitten and cat care is giving your new pet lots of love and attention.

Karen Gall has a great site with more information about kitten and cat care products

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