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Childcare training is an important part of running a childcare facility. Parents who leave their children with a childcare providers want to feel that their son or daughter is safe, fed, and learning age appropriate activities. If you are in charge of the facility, then it is your responsibility to meet parent expectations and make sure your staff members are getting appropriate childcare training.

Going to a class can be a difficulty, especially if it’s not close to where one lives. An option that more and more childcare providers are considering is letting their childcare training requirements be met on line. Many of the required training is now offered over the internet, making it more convenient and in some cases, more affordable.  

These classes can teach things like building better relationships with parents,  the importance of outside play, how to use centers effectively in the learning environment, and identifying and correcting behavior issues.  In addition to the classes offered for your employees, you can also take classes that deal with leadership in the workplace and how to create strong facilities that garner more parent referrals.  

Many states require that each employee in a childcare facility take a certain number of hours per year in childcare training. These laws are in effect to protect you, as well as, to protect the children in your care. The number of hours each employee will needvaries from state to state. Please check with your state’s family service department to find out what your facility requirements will be and what courses you will need to take.

As the employer, it will fall to you to pay for these childcare courses for your employee. Keep in mind, not having your employees meet their hours could result in severe consequences, such as, fines and possible closure of your facility.

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