Church Surprises Foster Mom with a Car — A CarePortal Story

Last month, a child welfare worker sent us this encouraging CarePortal story:

“I recently started working with a foster mom, Sherell, who is caring for two children. Sherell was experiencing car problems, but thought the car could make it a bit longer while she saved to buy a more reliable vehicle. Last month, she texted me with an emergency. The engine had blown. She found herself with both children on the side of the road, missing their appointments that morning. Sherell looked into renting a car until she could find a reliable one of her own, but couldn’t afford the $500 per month. In the meantime, she is now walking the toddler to daycare before she walks herself to work. This courageous lady has a full-time job and is taking great care of the two children placed with her. Sherell is not looking for a handout. She saved approximately $600 toward the purchase of a reliable vehicle. She can also make reasonable monthly payments.”

After the child welfare worker submitted the story through CarePortal with faith in God to help this wonderful foster parent, you, the Church, provided a CAR. Sherell was overwhelmed! “I have been walking to daycare, renting cars, getting rides from my sis . . . all the while, trusting God. And look what He has done. Thank you, Jesus!”

Thank you to New Life Church for sharing this moment with us!

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