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Some cool daycare centers images:

UN Women Humanitarian work – Za’atari Refugee Camp, Jordan
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Image by UN Women Gallery
Nearly 80,000 of the Syrians who have escaped the deadly war raging in their country have sought shelter at Jordan’s largest refugee camp, Za’atari, where UN Women provides economic empowerment and protection programming for women and girls.
Operational since 2012, to date, UN Women runs three ‘Oases’ safe spaces for women and girls, which receive approximately 5,000 visitors per month, of which close to 1,000 are regular users. The spaces offer economic opportunities, protection referral services, day care services – to allow parents to work, and life skills such as Arabic and English literacy and computer classes.

Children attending the daycare in UN Women’s Oases in Za’atari refugee camp perform a song and dance for guests at the opening of Oasis 3 in November 2015. One of the Oasis 3 literacy teachers, Mohammed, taught them this dance in the daycare. UN Women provides a daycare to beneficiaries for their children. This service allows women greater freedom to work and visit UN Women’s centres for services, as they know that they have a safe space to leave their children. The new safe space hosts the Eid bi Eid (Hand in Hand) programme, which builds female refugees’ capacity to meet their families’ basic needs, with a focus on diversifying diet and nutritional intake. The Oasis will include an industrial kitchen for women to produce school lunches for children, and is funded by the Governments of Italy and Finland.

Photo: UN Women/Christopher Herwig

I didn’t find any roaches but there’s a noisy daycare centre next door
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Image by ORAZ Studio
It’s in a really cute, Kyoto-to-a-T neighbourhood. There’s even a Yoidokoro near the house that serves Okinawan food.