“Day Friends” Adult Day Care Center Overview

This fourteen and a half minute video offers an overview of the “Day Friends” adult day care program in Polk County, WI. This program offers day care services for adults with Alzheimer’s, Parkinson…

How to Start and Operate an Elderly Adult Day-Care Center

How to Start and Operate an Elderly Adult Day-care Center is a step -by-step blueprint for the first-time owner. It provides everything needed to plan, organize and implement a successful center.

It answers such questions as: where do I start? Do I need a Business Plan? What about license and insurance? How much to charge? What type of clients? Where do I market for clients? Where do I get financing? and many more…..

In addition to answering many questions, it also provide sample forms, such as: Application for enrollment, medical report, plan of care, policy and procedure manual, incident/accident, inquiry/intake, business plan, enrollment agreement, medication list, and many many more.

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