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Mid Life Crisis: Our Lady of Perpetual Maximum Security Parochial Daycare, Ockham’s Razor, Rock & Roll, and Other Strate

Mid Life Crisis is a timely, hilarious and curiously poignant investigation into the circumstance known as mid life. Through the exploration of common historical influences such as Catholic education, rock & roll, family, work and a host of other critical factors, readers easily engage this entertaining romp through the genesis and manifestation of this grossly misunderstood malady. Best of all, Mid Life Crisis truly paves the way for universal understanding and definitive resolution of this pesky issue, once and for all. Mid Life Crisis is a must-read for anyone who has soaked the crud off a set of spark plugs in a Waterford crystal bowl, and just as importantly, those desperately attempting to come to grips with the reality that the behavior of the standard mid life male is not a crisis at all—it simply takes time to appreciate the common, solid logic that all males share.

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