Daycare is Expensive (Preschool Teacher Rant)

There's a video going around on Facebook right now, and it's stirring up a lot of moms and a lot of daycare workers Hey Hanna a trainwreck, how are you today? I am the glorious trainwreck mom this is your first time here welcome aboard trigger glad to have you here This is a safe space for all train wrecks except here We don't give you a puppy and a latte we give you sarcasm and humor So recently I've seen this video, and if you're on Facebook.

You've probably seen it too Where a woman talks about how very expensive? Daycare has become to the point where it's almost more.

If not more than a college education I know a lot of people and I've heard this for years because I've worked at childcare for 20 years now and I've heard people across the board talk about how daycare cost more than their mortgage cost more than their rent Yeah, that's ridiculous.

Okay, seriously now.

I have worked like I said as a babysitter I have worked in a city run daycare basically government run.

I've worked in home I have worked in a franchise That did not start as the franchise to start off as a privately run and then went into a franchise Worked at it to privately runs and worked at at a corporate daycare, so I've got a pretty good expansive knowledge of the industry and the business okay, I Will say off the bat the city run and the in-home daycare were the two best price-wise That I I worked at the city run Was honestly not in it for the money because they had government money.

They were fine.

They were happy I know That for summer camp for three kids.

They were school-aged kids.

It was like 250 to $300 I think a week Which you're probably said, they're gone.

Holy Wow But like I said, it's three kids and it's summer camp that included all the meals breakfast lunch snack that included transportation to the pool that included Two field trips a week, so yeah And so I still feel like that was a reasonable thing for that age the in-home that I worked at Was $80 a week? for Anyone who was potty trained and $100 for anyone in diapers that was also breakfast lunch snack all the field trips all of you know all the activities and everything like that so that was a Really good price and both of them Really seemed like they were not in it for the money.

They were in it for the kids that Being said let's flip this script and go on the private runs that I worked at the first one that I worked at literally charged What the state will pay I don't know if you're familiar with how pain payment works Sometimes you can opt in as a provider to have federally funded assistance You know it's what we call state pay, okay? They pay a certain amount and a lot of it is on sliding scale okay the people at this first privately-owned charged $12 a day Because that is the full amount that that is the top amount at that time That the state would pay they charge $12 a day.

They were open 18 hours a day They provided breakfast lunch snack and dinner for a lot of these kids some of these kids Woke up with us and went to bed with us, and they were charging $12 day.

That's $60 a week Okay, and I'm going to tell you right now.

You get what you pay for this place was a devastating place It was terrible minimum wage at that time.

It was six bucks an hour and even though everything was This was not the top daycare.


This is not exactly a place you would want to send your kid and Yet, they wanted a bachelor's degree for going in like I said at the time six bucks an hour For real the second privately owned one that I worked at The owner straight up said she had no problem with this philosophy She did not give discounts out to her employees Because she didn't think it was fair and the only reason she started a daycare to start with Was because she had five kids in one in free daycare And she figured this was a great way to make some money and not have to spend any money This is the problem here.

It's people like that.

That's the problem here.


This is another you know What's an associate's degree or a bachelor's degree or? five to ten years experience for entry-level or for minimum wage oh There's because are you getting the problem here? This isn't the daycare workers.

Okay the franchise Side of things well you said it was a franchise that started off as a private run and moved into a franchise I had issues I had an issue would not you know again No discount so for me to have my own kid there was Honestly this weird battle of am I spending more than I'm making and sometimes if I was sick Or if my daughter was sick yeah, I wound up having to pay for that whole week of her being there and sometimes that was more than I made and That just didn't make any sense to me and I was told it was unfair to give the employees of discount because Not all the employees had kids and the analogy I tried to make was Okay, but you still offer vision in the healthcare not everyone wears glasses or contacts, but you still offer it and I was told I was comparing apples to oranges, but that kind of made sense to me You know not everyone needs glasses not everyone needs child care.

Why I offer one, but not the other I was also given a sob story about Growing up poor and living in a trailer and all that and I dig that I love people who pull themselves up by their bootstraps Also I'm proud of you that's great but don't give me a sob story that you aren't able to pay your bills and that you're struggling and then you pull in the next day with your husband with matching and Mercedes SUVs a Little bit of a cognitive dissonance and yet again, this is another place You know wanting a bachelor's degree and now you know we're talking This is at least ten years later.

Now now you know wanting a master's degree for minimum wage a And This is one of those places where you will be paying 200 plus a week for your kid to go there if you're if you have an infant I don't know their prices as of right now I will admit that but I do know it is it is around $200 a week For an infant to go there And I will tell you any daycare that takes infants that will be the most expensive the price drops as they get older but still 200 a week plus now.

This is Missouri.

I don't know what it is in California I don't know what it is in Florida.

I don't know what it is in Michigan.

Okay? I'm going based on on Missouri if you know I would love for you guys to put in the comments below The prices of daycare in your area, okay? and because I think this is the this is a problem because now people have to literally sit and Figure out do I stay home do I go to work and there's a problem with staying home? Let me tell you because I just filled out it's not ton of applications as I've stayed home with my son for four years before I went back to work at the daycare and I have this four year gap that I have to explain and It's like I stayed home with my son because we couldn't afford to put him in daycare The corporate take care that I worked at and I'm gonna be nice about this one because I still have friends who work there Okay, and I'm gonna say.

This is not this Center in particular I will say this is corporate a lot of the problems that I had were corporate rules for no reason whatsoever I'm really the kind of person's like if you give me a role I need to know the reason behind it I would really like to know Why the rule changes or something like that okay? I guess I did get a discount here I got a 20% discount at the at the place, which is honestly the only reason I was able to take my son, but we could only do part-time Three to four days a week because it was less money that way because even at three days a week four hours a day It was still between sixty and eighty dollars a week to take him so if your figured that's 12 dollars That's at least five dollars an hour that I paid for my son to be at daycare Now that's one kid okay.

They can have I believe 90 if I remember right in that daycare eight of them can be infants so there you go There's there's some math for you to put together okay, and I know there's overhead expenses.

There's food there's bills There's all of that I get that I am not blaming the manager by the way, it's like the one thing I'm not gonna play in the vinegar for her.

She doesn't do this.

This is corporate this is corporate setting prices and It's I believe if I remember right it's 220 a week for an infant to go to that daycare 220 it's 880 a Month I had a $120,000 house and my mortgage was 790 of me a month 2 car garage 3-bedroom 2bath huge backyard My mortgage was less than it would be to put in an infant into daycare That's where there's a lot of problem and the other part of this again bachelor's degree for $9 an hour Are you kidding find out bachelor's degree? I'm not gonna work at a menial job $9 an hour does it pay student loans.

I know people are passionate trust me.

I love child care.

I'm passionate about child care I'm passionate about kids learning.

I love seeing when kids learn But I gotta think about my kids too, and if I can't pay my bills on what I'm bringing in if I can't put food on the table with what I'm bringing in then I have to look at a Different place to go.

It's a big yeah, and I hear other pin here you right now We'll just don't pick those two twenties don't pick the two hundred day care.

You don't have to have the best daycare Oh my god, seriously Why wouldn't you want the best for your kid? Why wouldn't you want the best for your kid? It you're the same people who probably take your cars and get them Professionally cleaned and you take your dogs to go get professionally groomed Why wouldn't you afford that same thing to your kids? So yeah, your kids aren't worth it.

I mean seriously you can't sit and complain about the price of childcare and You know how it's too expensive, and you have to cut corners And you have to cut the costs and oh my god you have to make sacrifices But you got a $500 Coach bag sitting on the couch behind you Really, and yes, that's in reference to the video I'm gonna link that video if I can if I can't I'll figure something out But I'm gonna link that video if I can in the description so you guys can watch that because it's a train wreck Yeah, you and I get where she's coming from but if you're really gonna scrimp and save Then you really don't have a right to complain it people who? Can't afford a lunch bag let alone a coach bag Okay, the day care workers are not the evil entity I really don't know who the evil entity is it's the person who sets the prices You got a problem with that with the prices go to the people who set the prices? So you just don't go to those places for some people It's on the way to work or it's close to home or it's close to Grandma's so if there was an emergency You know grandma can go and pick up the kid earlier location is a huge factor That's why you see them on busy highway on busy roads near, you know hospitals near restaurants near you know the marketing districts because that's where people work and They need daycare, so it's not just you know just don't pick those Sometimes it's not an option and sometimes thing home is not an option either Okay Sometimes you gotta pull your big-girl panties on and get your butt out the door because things happen I had to go back to work when my now ex was in a car accident and Couldn't work for three months I'm working now because my husband's at school getting himself better getting himself awesome getting himself So that we can have a better life So that means I have to go out and do the heavy lifting right now You did the heavy lifting for a very long time.

It's my turn now, okay? It's not always.

You know well.

Just don't work or just don't take them to these places sometimes.

That's not an option That's just worth that set I've worked in places you can tell you get what you pay for and sometimes You don't always get what you pay for So and I get that something needs to be done.

This is a conversation that needs to happen because either way There's no there really are no winners here for the mothers and for the daycare workers, but understand It's not the daycare workers fault that you're having to pay sometimes $1,000 from what I've heard a month for childcare That's not the workers fault.

That is something you as parents need to address you need to get on the phone with the managers with the directors with the Regional directors with the with corporate get on the phone and do something because sitting on Facebook kvetching about things isn't getting it done You're getting the conversation going Now do something put some verbs in your sentences and put some shoes on your feet and get something done And that's all I got for today Trainwreck like I said if this is your first time here welcome aboard train wreck glad to have you here Go ahead and hit that subscribe button and I really want you So you get to see all of the trainwreck goodness on a regular basis my books platitudes about Sudan all your fault Are available in eBook and paperback on Amazon right now mr.

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Com, that's all I got for today trainwreck so all aboard.

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