Daycare Tips : Average Child Daycare Costs

Hi, my name is Veronica Baragas, with mywigglesandgiggles.

Com,and I'd like to share with you the average cost of child daycare, so depending on thearea that you live in, in your city, it's really going to range from the size to whattype of programs they offer, hours of operation, do they provide food or not, but you can finddaycare as little a month as four fifty, to as much as a thousand dollars, so I'd sayaverage is probably five, six hundred dollars, somewhere around there.

That's pretty muchspeaking for a pretty quality daycare.

Like just because they charge six hundred dollarsor seven hundred dollars, doesn't mean that they are quality, but for a pretty good, decentdaycare, you're going to look to spend five, six hundred dollars.

Seven hundred dollarsis starting to get a little bit more expensive.

A lot of places offer sibling discounts, sothat can range anywhere from a ten to fifteen percent, or maybe they do it like three hundreddollars off, so you're looking anywhere from four to five hundred to a thousand dollars,depending on like I said, hours of operation, what they offer, what kind of programs.

Isthere a learning center? Is it just a daycare center, or whatnot? Is it a preschool? Sothere's lots of things to take into consideration, but child care is definitely not inexpensive,but it's well worth the money.

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