Daycare to House Cleaning Side Hustle?

From daycare to house cleaning, how do youbridge that gap? We're going to talk about that today.

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On to today's show, which is from a daycareprovider who is going to pick up some house cleaning on the side.

Here's her question.

Speaker 2: I have a full-time, in-home daycareand I'm wanting to do some housekeeping on the side.

I still think I should treat this as a business venture.

I'm just wondering if maybe I'll have to geta little more creative to get clients.

What is your advice? Angela Brown: All right.

That's an excellent question, and I'm goingto take off my house cleaning hat for a minute, and I want to go back in time.

I'm one of 19 kids, so I've been around kidsmy entire life, and as a youth, I went and I worked with my aunt in her in-home daycareservice as an assistant so she could take on more kids.

A lot of things that I understand about kids,and I want to hit your question from that angle, not from the house cleaning angle.

If I'm given a choice, to take care of kidsor do house cleaning, I will always choose the child first.

One of the rules that I have when I come intoa house is that if your kids are running around and they are close to or getting involvedin my cleaning supplies, I'm going to take care of your child first.

That is my first priority is the protectionof your child, and so when it comes between children and house cleaning, the child alwayscomes first.

As a daycare provider, you probably feel thesame, so in order to answer your question, my question is this.

Let me back up a step.

Why are you trying to pick up house cleaningon the side? Is it because you're trying to expand yourworld, just beyond kids all day, or is it because you need the extra money? It's probably one of those two things.

If it's to expand your horizons beyond thekids, I don't recommend house cleaning as a business, and so what I might recommendis that you join a book club or a church group or something like that where you can talkto other adults in the evening and you can expand your horizons.

If you're looking to add some extra moneyto your income, instead of picking up the house cleaning, I recommend that you pickup more kids and maybe hire an assistant so that you can have more kids in your house.

Or raise the price on the kids that you have.

Here's the reason why.

If we go back to a second before where I said,"I will always choose the kid first," that's going to come down to why are you in the children business.

If you're in the children business and you'rechoosing the child first, house cleaning is going to become very difficult for you, forthis reason.

When are you going to clean the houses, becauseyou just said that you were a full-time daycare provider.

In the United States, full-time means usually7:00 AM to 7:00 PM or 7:00 AM to 5:00 PM or 7:00 AM to 6:00 PM.

Are you going to start cleaning houses at6:00 or 7:00 PM? My question is if the child comes first, whathappens when the parents are late picking up their child from work that day? Let's say that the parent gets tied up atwork or they took an out of day trip and their flight was delayed getting back.

Now you have a house you're supposed to startat 6:00 PM and you still have kids at your house, and so if you choose the child first,which you probably will being a daycare provider, you're going to put your house cleaning clientson the back burner, and after a couple of weeks, you won't have any house cleaning clients,so I don't recommend house cleaning as a business.

Now, the next thing that I would recommendin house cleaning, you have to be on, you have to pay attention 100% of the time becauseyou have different surfaces that you're cleaning.

You can't just get in the zone and start cleaning,or you're going to end up using the wrong chemicals on different surfaces.

House cleaning is also a really difficultbusiness where you're dealing with customers and clients and people's expectations.

Are you going to come off a day of dealingwith lots of kids and you're going to go to a customer's house where the customer is high-maintenance and they're nitpicky and you have satisfaction guarantees that you're going to have to activate? Is that what you're going to do, because thatsounds like a whole lot of extra work.

Now, daycare, for example, you have to beon all day, as a daycare provider, too.

You can't go in a zone.

You have to spend 100% of your energy beingalert and watching kids.

To go from one job where you're 100% alertto another job where you're 100% alert, that takes a lot of mental and physical and emotional energy.

All right.

We did an episode a couple weeks back calledMom Syndrome, and the Mom Syndrome is where the moms, and this would fall into your categorybecause you're taking care of kids, where the moms take care of everyone else's needsbefore they take care of their own, and so my suggestion to you is you got to take careof you.

If you are day caring during the day and youare house cleaning in the evening, when are you taking care of you, because if you getburned out taking houses in the evening, how are you going to be for the kids the nextday when all the kids come back.

There's got to be this small window whereyou actually renovate and repair yourself.

You got to have sleep, you got to have exercise,you got to eat, and you got to have some kind of adult interaction so that your world isnot only eight-year-olds and under or whatever the ages are that you babysit.

My suggestion would be, why are you doingthe house cleaning? If it's in order for you to pick up some extramoney, my suggestion in this particular scenario is don't do house cleaning.

It's the wrong job to add on to your existing business.

I love house cleaning.

I'm a huge fan of house cleaning, but in thisparticular scenario, I don't recommend it.

You are allowed, and I don't know where youlive and I don't know what part of the world you live in, but I would check with the governmentwhere you live in because you are allowed so many kids per adult.

I know in the United States, in most areas,you can have up to eight children under the ages of 12, including your own, without apaid assistant.

If you have a paid assistant, you can haveup to 12 children in your home.

If it's getting more children, what I wouldrecommend is that you have an assistant come help you and you take a couple of kids afterschool, for example, for a couple of days a week.

That way, you are adding on to what you'realready doing without reinventing the wheel and starting a whole new business becausethe house cleaning on top of what you're already doing is going to cause an enormous amountof stress and an enormous amount of strain, and it's going to take a lot out of you, soI don't recommend it at all.

For you, it's not about getting creative andpicking up new accounts.

It's about figuring out a way to make thedaycare work for you in a way that you get your emotional and your physical and yourfinancial needs met, and I don't think that involves house cleaning for you, so just thisparticular scenario, I don't recommend house cleaning.

It's a huge project, and you are already takingon a huge project, and so my suggestion would be choose the children first and take careof the children and let somebody else do the house cleaning.


That's my two cents for today, and until wemeet again, leave the world a cleaner place than whenyou found it.

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