DITTO DAYCARE (Pokemon Parody)

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Baby Tracker® – Daily Childcare Journal, Schedule Log

Easily keep track of your baby’s or child’s daily schedules, activities and needs in one handy spot. And make the drop-off and pick-up process for childcare a snap. The Baby Tracker® Daily Childcare Journal is designed to make it fast and easy to record and review meals, naps, activities, playtime, daily news, milestones and to-dos —all in a single page view. Get ready for doctor visits, give to childcare helpers and use this easy at-a-glance daily record to monitor schedules and prep for your baby’s daily needs. This version records daily activities from 6 a.m. to 7 p.m. and creates a visual snapshot of activities by time each day.
The Baby Tracker Daily Childcare Journal is ready to keep track of up to 6 months of daily schedule tracking (180 days) and is spiral bound to make it portable and lay flat for easy recording on a countertop or nightstand.

Each journal includes:

*180 daily at-a-glance tracking records (90 pages)

* Key Contacts List

* Medical Emergency Form and Instructions

* Health Facts and Immunization Record

* Printed on high quality, easy writing, bright white, 100% recycled paper

Birth/3months to 3 years

(**PLEASE NOTE: The Newborn Baby Tracker® journal is also available for night AND day schedule tracking for nursing moms and 24-hour newborns.)

MUST USE. Pick up where the caregiver leaves off. Now every nap and bottle can be chronicled with Baby Tracker, an at-a-glance charting system. -Working Mother

KEEP TRACK OF BABY. The Baby Tracker from Time Too is by far the simplest, most stylish, most no-nonsense planner we’ve seen. -American Baby

FOR THE RECORD. Ask your caregiver to keep you apprised of your baby’s daily activities while at work. Baby Tracker journal makes it easy. – Child Magazine

IPARENTING MEDIA AWARD Winner. Top Product Award and Hot Pick, Just for Mom Category. – iParenting Media (a division of Disney.com)

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