DobbsPhilm ShortPhest Season 1 Episode 6 – Featuring Puzzling Evidence

Dobbs.Town 2019
Icky Twerp
SubGenius Movie SXSW Trailer
Jack, Please Don’t Go – Puzzling Evidence
Beatle Film Foof Part 1 – Puzzling Evidence
End of The World As We Know it – St. N, Helena Handbasket / Puzzling Evidence
Jones Big Ass Truck Rental
Juanitos Mashup
Pete Right – Nu Monet
Chip Chop Ad
Bob is Stupid
Glim Glam to Ta Ta
Zippety Doo Dah
Kindred Spirits – DEVO
1984 Channel 7 –
Adventures In Teen Life
Jones Prepaid Legal and Daycare Academy
Beatle Film Foof Part 2 – Puzzling Evidence
Obi Wan Remembers the Truth
Ain’t That Just Like Me – The Condors
REBEL FORCE Trailer – Rev. X
Take LSD (1969)
Bring a Shut-In Next Time
World Pattycake Wrestling Championships – Philo
L. Ron Hubbard’s Space Station 33

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