Doggy Daycare

I'm here at Harmony Park in Surry Hills with a dog that I've borrowed.

And I'm going to see if it makes me happier.

So we're here with Billy Jean's dad, what's your name?- Mario – Well this is Bibi, I've borrowed her.

Doyou think having her for a day might make me happier?- Absolutely, yeah it's been amazing.

How would you say your life's changed sinceowning a dog? In terms of mental health, just waking upin the morning to a little dog that's so happy, it just starts your day right.

Having a dog definitely cushions the conflict sometimes in a relationship.

And I suppose just in terms of mental health, being forced to go for a walk twice a day is definitely good for your brain and physical health as well.

He's calming, he makes me walk, I'm a bitlazy if I didn't have him around I probably wouldn't walk as much.

He likes to come into the officeand everybody likes him there.

She just makes us happier, puts things inperspective, always happy, always ready for a cuddle.

I personally have suffered from depression and anxiety for years and having something there that you need to care for, to walk and it definitely helps me.

This is my first dog and what I've really noticed is, I just laugh a lot more.

I also talk to more people in my local community.

Source: Youtube