Fastoche Testimonial – Petits Choux Daycare

So I often get the question about howthey have older staff who are scared of iPads and scared of technology.

But it'sthe most user-friendly thing – very hard to mess up and if you mess up somebodyon the other end will fix it up quick.

Being a small center, I don't get a lotof time to do paperwork in the office.

Usually I'm doing it on my own timeafter hours because I'm needed in ratio on the floor.

So it's made me beable to be frontline staff and administrative staff all at one time.

Soeverything down to communicating with my parents got easier.

The posting.

Illnesses,that they came up if their child's sick.

Because often, if their child's sick atthree in the morning they don't want to call us at three in the morning.

Thenthey feel bad if they don't call 'til nine cuz sometimes we can replace theirspot if they're sick.

So if we get that message early on then we'll fill thatspot, then they don't have to pay for it.

Now it feels like everybody I talked tois on Fastoche.

I just find Fastoche helps us so much and listens to usso much, that a lot of other programs they say "yeah, yeah, yeah".

And it would be two weeks later and they weren't getting back to you I just feel Fastoche is kind of like afamily-oriented business as well that's trying to help us succeed the best wecan too.

It's hard to explain, it's just that awesome.

it really is.

Fastoche, it's the greatest move I ever made.

Source: Youtube