Helsinki Freedom: Freedom to find balance

Helsinki Freedom – Episode 1: Kohsuke – Freedom to find balance
Dir. Taito Kawata

Helsinki has been named the world’s best city for work-life balance. Its high-quality public services, excellent public transport, short distances, and well-designed bike lanes, public parks, and waterfronts offer every resident a unique opportunity to both work for the world’s most innovative companies and enjoy their free time. Long paid parental leaves for both parents, affordable public daycare, and manageable workdays allow both men and women to care for their families while also continuing to have a flourishing career.

Helsinki Freedom is a mini documentary series that celebrates the life in the Finnish capital. The first episode presents Kohsuke, who has moved from Nagasaki to Helsinki with his wife Masako. Kohsuke describes his and his family’s life in the Finnish capital: he and Masako run a design store and life seems to have a very good balance. Both of their kids, Tengo and Tao, have been born in Finland.

The Helsinki Freedom documentaries have been created the Helsinki way, offering a group of hand-picked award-winning directors the freedom (pun very much intended) to demonstrate what being free means to them. Each episode will shed light on some of the many freedoms Helsinki has to offer, from the opportunity to live a secure and balanced life, to the right to love freely, and the chance to make the most of our world-class education system. Not to mention the best freedom of all: freedom to breathe. A new episode is out on every Thursday starting from November 19, 2020.

Helsinki Freedom:
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