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Many babies are exposed to harmful toxins at home, at daycare, and at others homes. Good indoor air quality is especially important for babies. Babies lungs may not be as mature as an adults and their skin is more sensitive. However, improving indoor air quality will benefit all members of the family.

Cleaning products are some of the biggest culprits of toxins in the house. While infants arent in danger of finding and drinking them, the products are used on carpets, bed linens, tables, dishes, and babys clothes regularly. All of these things come into contact with baby. In addition, some of the cleaners have such strong odors, that even adults have a hard time staying in the room immediately after use. Replacing normal cleaners with organic ones or ones that are free of perfumes and dyes will help keep your baby healthy while keeping his environment clean.

Any paint used in babys nursery, or on babys furniture should be free of toxins and strong odors. If you live in an old house, make sure that the paint on the walls or baseboards does not contain lead. Its important to keep floors clean, especially when baby learns to crawl. Using organic cleaners and taking shoes off as you come in the door will aid in keeping the floor clean for baby. It will also help the air quality to purchase a vacuum that uses a HEPA filter.

In addition, replacing air conditioning filters with HEPA filters will help remove dust and impurities from the air. However, this only cleans the air that goes through it so it will not be enough. A HEPA air purifier placed in or near the nursery will do the most for cleaning the air your baby breathes. They can also help relieve allergies and asthma. Investing in a HEPA air purifier will benefit the whole family, especially the newborn.

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