Hollander & Torin

Some cool daycare images:

Hollander & Torin
Image by Erik R. Bishoff
Hollander (right) and his daycare buddy Torin climbed into a diaper box together and their teacher grabbed us a pic.

They are even more adorable in person!

01-06-10 – Elias and Leah coloring – 6/365
Image by Lynda Giddens
Project 365 2010 – Day 6/365

Elias must have caught another cold from daycare. Last night he kept coughing and coughing, poor little thing! You can see his red nose in this photo.

I bought a pack of 24 regular sized crayons and a coloring book to help keep Elias busy tomorrow when he’s at home, but I left them out and he found them, so we colored with them tonight. At some point, our cat Leah decided to plant herself on the opposite page and watch my toddler color.

Mark and I don’t particularly care for the cat, but she’s really good with babies and toddlers.

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