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Corner Tidy Toy Storage Hammock – Premium Quality Toy Organizer – Biggest and Best Home Storage Option to De-clutter You

Be Sure The Storage Hammock You Choose is Sufficient For Your Needs?

Many households are sadly disappointed to find ‘Jumbo’ storage hammocks are actually smaller than they would like them to be, and do not hold nearly as many toys as they want to throw in them.

The Corner Tidy storage hammock is at least 35% larger than the ‘Jumbo’ storage hammocks available and it provides you the capacity to store, and attractively display, bigger and more stuffed toys than other toy hammocks.

To be conveniently installed as a Toy Hammock, Corner Tidy will require a minimum of 3 foot 4 inches (40″) clear space either side of a corner. [Refer to images provided (above)].

Corner Tidy Storage Hammock:

• Is kid friendly, employs child safe netting to help protect ‘little fingers’ from being caught.
• Has elasticized borders to retain hammock contents.
• Is made from premium quality, strong, durable and machine washable polyester.
• Is at least 35% Larger than ‘Jumbo’ storage hammocks and it will store more toys, towels, bedding or whatever.
• Is very easy to install, uninstall and reinstall, with practical and easy to follow instructions.
• Is made to provide years of service and it is backed by a 100% Lifetime Quality Guarantee.

Help your children, grandchildren, nieces, nephews and everyone else keep their room tidy and clutter Free.

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