How to Own a Daycare : Average Child Daycare Costs

Hello, I'm Sarah Norris from Total Child CareCenter in Wilmington, North Carolina, and today I would like to talk with you aboutaverage childcare costs.

Childcare costs vary from state to state and also within citieswithin a state and communities.

The cost of quality childcare has really not been addressedin our nation and parents and other individuals paying for child care are still paying lessthan is really, than it really takes to run quality childcare programs and therefore often,programs have to be subsidized in some ways in order to cover the costs.

If you will lookat the chart, these are statistics from two-thousand seven by the National Association for ChildcareResource and Referral.

And you can see that North Carolina, New York, and Wisconsin, thecomparison here.

With North Carolina being lower than New York or Wisconsin and how muchdifference there is in infant and four year care because your rations are lower, and howmuch difference there is between North Carolina, Wisconsin, and New York.

So they can varyand they do vary.

You will have to decide if you're setting prices cost for your area,exactly what you can charge and what you can make it on in order to make the center runas it should.

So this is a little bit about average costs.

Do a lot of comparison studiesand see where, within where you would fall if you're thinking about your charges.

Source: Youtube