How to Own a Daycare : Checklist for Starting a Daycare

When starting a daycare, the checklist should include finding a good location, deciding what ages will be served and setting up a business plan. Start up a d…

Start & Run a Home Daycare (Self-Counsel Press Business Series)

For parents who want to stay at home with their own children, still need a paycheck, and would like to run their own business, a home daycare is an excellent option. Child care is one of the most in-demand services today, and the initial cash investment is minimal.Start & Run a Home Daycare guides readers through a step-by-step business plan to encourage the provision of quality child care and also result in a rewarding business. Topics include daycare licensing, finding customers, program planning, and health and safety.The CD-ROM includes worksheets that will help readers assess their aptitude and qualifications, and forms that will help to get their home daycares running successfully.

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