Iman Kindergarten Playgroup (Class of Holland 3, 2009)

A special compilation video done by Hannah’s doting teachers, Teacher Huda and Teacher Nurul. Hannah has since learned her ABC, 123, singing, dancing, prayers, improved motor skills as well…

ABC’s of Newborn Baby Care

ABC’s of Newborn Baby Care is a highly informative DVD on how to care for your healthy newborn. Doctor recommended, this ‘how to’ DVD is led by a professional baby nurse with over 25 years experience.

Covering everything from bathing to dressing to nursery safety, it is divided into 18 easily searchable chapters. The methods and techniques of the professional baby nurse are shown in detailed close-up, providing an exceptionally detailed reference work.

ABC’s of Newborn Baby Care is for ANYONE preparing to have or care for a new baby in his or her life.

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