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Adam’s Daycare

Adam’s Daycare is a day in the life of a preschooler who visits a home daycare run by a loving, ordinary Daycare Diva. When Adam’s mother drops him off at daycare, Ina lifts Adam to the window while he waves and waves until he can’t see his mother’s car any more. Then he runs upstairs to find his friends.

Over the course of the day, they build a fire engine to rescue Ina’s dog from a burning building, construct crafts sprinkled with feathers and glitter, and enjoy a cupcake treat. At the end of the day, as Adam’s mother drives him away, Adam waves and waves until he can’t see Ina’s house any more.

Each event is small from an adult’s perspective, but important and absorbing for children. This is a warm and loving look at the everyday dramas of the millions of kids in daycare.

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