Insight: Dangerous Daycare

“We were in a room that was licensed for30 infants and toddlers, under-twos.

It was awful, it was awful.

Not only awful for the children but awfulfor the teachers.

And as I say, every day we made it a happyplace, but looking back it’s awful.

” "Often you'd look over and the teachers weren'twatching the children.

There were ropes going around children's necks,there were children breaking bones, there were children receiving head injuries anda lot of the time these things weren't being documented.

It was really horrific.

" “Oh, I think it’s very widespread.

I think some of these things are absolutelycommon.

People are told that they're out of ratioand it’s just how it us, you just live with that.

As long as the paperwork looks fine when itgoes off to head office or whoever or to ERO or to the ministry.

But teachers are tired and they’re workingunpaid and it’s not on.

It’s not healthy, it’s not good.


Source: Youtube