LA County Losing In-Home Daycare Centers To Red Hot Housing Market

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Jeff: high cost of living in Southern California is the reason daycare is going out of business.

Kristi is live on what's driving that decline.

thousands of license home day cares in California have shuttered since the rep section and the trend is troubling for financially strapped parents.

on average, they care for a baby at a day care will run $9,000 a year.

for the one behind me it's $15,000 a year.

Michelle just opened a children's sender in in north Hollywood.

my pre-schoolers transitioned four weeksing a.

she had been running a day care out of her home but knew she had to move and expand.

there's no room for growth in a home daycare.

increasing revenue by adding a pre-school.

when there's fewer licensed child care providers there's less access to care.

they're increasing revenue by adding a pre-school but more day cares are closing up.

the resource center says L.


County saw 34% drop in day cares between 2008 and 2016.

there's cuts to sub died child care.

there's lack of children being enrolled.

the cost of insuring their business, the cost of providing materials, everything is going up.

Reporter: in case you're wondering the on average home.

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