LLB and Tourism degree ? good career opportunities

In this highly competitive age nobody has the time to stop and rest for a while. You have to run such that you do not lose your position. You have to earn a decent living, earn prestige and be not just anyone but someone in the society. And for that you have to start early, decide on what career path would help you achieve both, money as well as respect. Law is such a field where you would never be out of living. Every day crimes are increasing as people are resorting to illegal methods to get what they want. Hence if you have an LLB degree, you will never be out of demand and it goes without saying the amount of money you can earn and the respect you will achieve.

An LLB degree is for students who want to uphold justice and law. If you want to fight injustice in the society and incorporate values, law is the career for you. Courses and degrees in LLB are offered by different colleges and institutions. But each institution has different eligibility criteria for admitting students. You can research a bit to find out where you fit and select a college based on that. You will get the LLB degree as soon as you complete the basic course from the institution but to practice in the court of law you need a license that confirms your eligibility of practicing law in court.

The LLB degree will help you to earn money and gain reputation but what about your dreams? If you have a dream of globe trotting, of traveling and seeing new places all over the world, get a tourism degree. This degree enables you to join a Travel and Tourism Company and you can fulfill your dream of roaming the world. Many colleges and institutes offer tourism degree but you can also opt for an on line course. People who have done an on line course in tourism and have achieved a degree are well placed and are extremely satisfied with the course curriculum. Actually, most students who go for a tourism degree opt for the on line course as these are convenient, costs less than a regular course but are equally good. You can take the help of the Internet and find the colleges or institutes that offer a degree in tourism. You can then compare their curriculum and prices thus opting for the one that suits you best. Checking the college or institutes placement record and student feedback is a good idea before zeroing in on any institute.

Both LLB and tourism degree are good career moves. To achieve an LLB degree you need to know the law thoroughly where as tourism degree will teach you all the tricks of the global tourism industry. It goes without saying that a degree in LLB will help you achieve prestige and reputation while a tourism degree will help you tour all the beautiful places of the world, with money being the common factor to both degrees. The decision eventually is yours.

Roger Pointing is doing his LLB from a UK university. For information on tourism degree please visit http://www.rdihongkong.com/