Masechaba welfare project after 13 years

Masechaba foundation was founded in 2006 by Bert Koopman and Graham Bishop. After 13 years of hard work of everyone involved we now feed 2000 kids in Bethlehem, South Africa. The Masechaba Foundation runs a daycare centre for the most neglected and provides aid by sending containers filled with materials to be used by schools, daycare facilities and the community. The NPO (non profit organization) system has stopped paying the welfare workers in South Africa. The whole system collapsed within 2 days after the government decided to stop paying for it. A blow. But with the efforts of everyone involved we are trying to make ends meet and are now fundraising for substantial amounts to keep the day to day welfare care going. We visited the centers in November and now finished a fund-raising video to show who’s involved and what we do with your donations. The only thing missing in this story is the fact that the foundation does not take up any money for the organisation itself. All those involved pay everything from their own pocket. including us, creating this video. And out of all the many projects we do, this is the one that we put the most dedication in. Helping out so many people by creating a video is more than rewarding. We’ve been involved in the Masechaba project since 2012 and only want to do more.

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