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Lobby Track Member Management System Features

Lobby Track Member Management System has a variety of advanced features that can be tailored to your organizations needs, while still being user-friendly. Register members, employees and visitors on-site or on-line and print membership badges. Track entry and exit by scanning proximity cards, barcodes, or magnetic stripes and control access with custom-defined rules. Track member trends with customizable reports that can be printed, emailed, and exported. Custom fields can easily be added for member programs and initiatives.

Lobby Member Management System Technology Partners

Jolly Technologies’ Lobby Member Management System is a continually improving product. At Jolly Technologies, we work with many outside developers to create and integrate custom technology, applications, and extensions that are complementary to Jolly products. This creates both a more powerful product, and a better experience for our Lobby Member Management System users. Jolly Technologies’ technology team is constantly seeks out partnerships with cutting edge companies who feature emerging technologies. Some of our technology partners are Metrologic, Zebra, Magicard, Team NISCA, Evolis, DNP, DYMO, Opticon, Avery Dennison, Brady People ID, Symbol, RFIDeas Inc, and Primera.

Lobby Track Member Management System Overview

Use Lobby Track Member Management System to track members of any type of organization. Issue membership cards, set access policies, track entries and see facility usage reports. Lobby Track Member Management System is completely customizable so it is easy to gather only the information that is useful to your membership facility. Design membership cards that increase the loyalty of your members. Set alerts when membership is about to expire and prohibit access when membership has expired or the member is delinquent on payments. With Lobby Track Member Management System members can be checked in using a barcode, magnetic stripe or proximity card scan — see the photo of the member on the screen to verify a match. For members that forgot their membership card, records can be easily looked up using criteria you define.

Lobby Member Management System Usage

Lobby Member Management System allows card holders to check in or out at single or multiple points within an organization such as a church or club. Lobby Member Management System also allows organizations to create professional, Bearer specific cards, such as identification cards for members, vendors, employees or volunteers can be issued from preconfigured templates creating a tremendous sense of participation, importance and unity. Cards can be scanned via a wide variety of input methods, such as keyboard entry or to barcode/mag stripe scanning. Photos can be stored for easy identification, detailed reports, queries and charts can be generated from historical data. All reports and charts are easily exportable in .csv or .txt format, making Lobby Member Management System the most powerful, easiest to use Member Management System on the planet.

Lobby Track Member Management System Benefits

Each individual company has custom membership requirements and different ways of defining access policy. The Lobby Track Member Management System is easy to customize and configure to fit your particular membership policy. Track any number of cardholder groups with combined logs, but independent data sources for easy reporting. Lobby Track Membership Management can be easily integrated with any data source your organization might be using. Making it easy to import or export employee or other data for membership programs.

Lobby Track Member Management System Editions

The Lobby Track Member Management System is anchored around the Lobby Track software which comes in many different editions to ensure the best combination of price and features for each customer.

Business Editions

The business editions include the Small Business, Corporate, Enterprise, Access Control, Scan Station, and Report Station. The Scan and Report Station Editions are used in combination with another license and allow users who just want to view reports on a different computer a more feasible option than buying an additional full license.

School Editions

The editions for schools have been optimized for use in the educational system. Available are School Attendance, School Visitor, School Tardy, School Complete, Scan Station, and Report Station editions.

Event Editions

Event editions give the option of term or perpetual licenses, depending on how long the client needs them for. The event editions are Event Management, Event Limited, Event Limited Scan, Event Unlimited, Scan Station, and Report Station editions.

The Membership Management editions are Scan Station, and Report Station. Lobby Track Member Management System Applications

Because of its flexibility, Lobby Track Member Management System is used for all kinds of organizations. It is used by gyms, yoga studios, and other athletic facilities. It is used by churches, synagogues and mosques, homeless shelters, aid distribution centers and other non-profit organizations. Lobby Track Member Management System is used for patients to clinics, chiropractors and massage studios. It’s used in medical marijuana facilities. Lobby Track Member Management System is used in daycare centers and other places where children need to be verified and dropped off and picked up.

Lobby Track Member Management System Customers

Jolly Technologies Membership Management software is used by thousands of well known organizations in fields such as technology, aerospace, pharmaceuticals, transportation, healthcare, education, general manufacturing, and business services. Jolly is an international company and has 50,000 customers in over 120 countries.

Lobby Track Time and Attendance Software Systems Integration

Integrate Lobby Track with databases

Lobby Track boasts an open database architecture, central to the Lobby Track Member Management System. This open-architecture allows customers to use most open databases as its source: MS Access, MS SQL, MySQL Oracle, Sybase, and more.

Integrate Lobby Track with LDAP and Active Directory

Look up and import host (who the visitor is visiting) information into Lobby Track using LDAP or Active Directory. Automatically notify the host by email using an existing email system.

Integrate Lobby Track with access control systems

Lobby Track can currently integrate with multiple access control systems like Lenel, Brivo, DSX, S2, AMAG, Johnson Controls, GE, SHI, and more. Visitor data can be sent directly to the access control system to enroll them into building access groups.

Integrate Lobby Track with ID card printers

Basically compatible with any Windows-compatible printer, Lobby Track can print and encode with these printers and more: Evolis, Fargo, Zebra – UltraMagicard, Datacard, DIS.

Integrate Lobby Track with peripheral devices

Dymo Turbo 450 Thermal Label Printers

Zebra Thermal Label Printer

Primera Color Label Printer

Office Printer

Card Scanning Solutions Scanner

Logitech Web Camera

Canon Camera

Topaz Signature Pad

Topaz Fingerprint Pad

Barcode Readers

Magnetic Stripe Readers

Proximity Card Readers

ESeek Magnetic Stripe Readers

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