Mesila – מסילה – English subtitles

Documentary, Israel 2017, 71 min,
Hebrew, English and Tigrinya- with English subtitles

In a rundown neighborhood in Tel Aviv, Mesila’s social workers struggle to assist the migrant community. As their story unfolds, we learn about the challenges faced by the community, trapped by poverty, an uncertain legal status, and vast differences of language and culture. With parents away at work all day, they are forced to leave their children with “babysitters”, their term for makeshift daycare centers without adequate supervision: five toddlers died in these centers during the making of this film. These are just some of the challenges that Mesila’s staff faces daily. It is daunting and unthankful work, yet these social workers are often the only link between these hapless, unwelcome migrants and the municipal authorities.

Director & Producer: Amikam Goldman
Editing: Itai Onik
contact: Yasmin Films

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