Mom Drops Baby Off At Daycare, Minutes Later Gets Frantic Call That

Mom Drops Baby Off At Daycare, Minutes LaterGets Frantic Call That "Accident" Happened Carelessness and babies are two things thatnever, ever go together.

That's why brand new parents will do everything possible toeducate themselves about child safety while their little one is still in the womb.

Butsadly, the most tragic and unforgettable lesson that a mom and dad can ever learn happensright after their infant take his very last breath.

This lesson comes at horrible cost, and it's one that no one should ever have to pay.

Whichis why Ali and Derek Dodd want everyone to learn from their mistake.

Although dad saysthis was no "accident," their 11-week-old son's passing was totally avoidable.

Earlier that morning, the boy had been his usual happy and healthy self.

Derek, who worksas a teacher, kissed his wife and infant son goodbye before heading off to school.

In themeantime, mom Ali was preparing to drop Shepard off at an in-home daycare center.

The womanwho would be watching over their little boy had come highly recommended by a trusted friend.

Mom asked the daycare provider if she could bring her son's rock'n'play, so he could beon an incline instead of laying on his back all day.

But, when the childminder saw whatthe device looked like, she told Ali that she couldn't let him sleep in it.

In an article he penned for Your Tango, Derek said that the babysitter let his wife in ona little secret: ".

This childcare-giver confided that shehad been cited by the Department of Human Services (DHS) 10 days earlier for allowinganother infant to fall asleep in a swing, and that they told her how dangerous bothcar seats and swings were for babies to sleep in.

"After Ali drove back home to grab a few feeding bottles she had forgotten, she spotted a babycarrier and decided to bring it with her.

The carrier straps directly to the body, sothe babysitter wouldn't have to put Shepard down if she didn't want to.

If only.

those famous last words always precede totally regrettable events.

If onlythe childminder had used the baby carrier! If only mom and dad had known ahead of timethat the DHS was investigating the daycare provider for serious violations regardingsafe sleeping practices! "When Ali returned, the childcare-giver reportedthat she had come up with a plan: She would sit the rock'n'play in front of the couchso Shepard could nap in it, so if DHS stopped by to "check on her," she could just pickhim up and answer the door with him.

This ensured she wouldn't get in trouble.

Ali,feeling confident the attention Shepard would be getting would be more than sufficient.

"Car seats have saved countless babies' lives, but they can also pose a terrible danger inmisguided hands.

In this case, the babysitter had placed Shepard into a car seat that wassitting on the floor, and then forgot about him for two hours.

By the time she checkedup on him, the poor little man was already blue.

"It's documented in her public file that she specifically inquired about infants nappingin their car seats.

DHS told her that sleeping in the car seat was a dangerous practice andwould increase the chances of SIDS.

She was told this just TEN DAYS before she chose toput our child in an unbuckled car seat on the floor, swaddled, where he wiggled downuntil he lost his airway.

" Babies aren't strong enough to lift up theirnecks, which is why safety experts warn against using car seats for anything other than theirintended use.

If they slouch down too far, their heads could fall forward and block theirair passageway.

"As I rode in the van in front of the ambulance,I had to prepare myself for life without my son and the grief that would follow.

Whenwe arrived at the hospital, as they wheeled him past me into the E.

R, I gave him a kisson the forehead.

He was cold.

" If there was ever a perfect time to learnfrom someone else's experience, this is certainly one that all parents should pay attentionto.

"Unsafe sleep surfaces are a REAL danger.

We're looking to focus the attention to safe sleep standards so they can protect Oklahoma'schildren from negligent decisions.

" Shepard passed away from what is known as"positional asphyxiation," but no other baby has to face the same fate.

Information, education,and sharing of knowledge is key! Bless this family and the sweet little boy for havingto be the ones to teach us such a heartbreaking lesson.

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