My Dog Got Kicked Out of Daycare Part 2

We're back with part two of my doggydaycare public service announcement, and again, we're talking about your dog beingkicked out of a daycare or brought for a trial day and told that it's not gonnawork out.

Now in part one, we talked about the fact that some dogs are just notright for daycare, and it's not a training issue, it doesn't mean there'sanything wrong with the dog, they're fine, it's just not the greatest setting forthem.

But sometimes, in fact many times, we can do things that will make our dogswork well in daycare.

So I wanna talk a little bit about some of the keyfactors that lead to dogs not being successful.

Number one.

This is definitelytop of my list.

If you own a medium to high energy dog, you cannot rely ondaycare for exercise.

The daycare should be used to socialize your dog, but if youare not exercising them outside of that setting, you are dooming them to failure.

You cannot bring a dog with pent-up energy and set them loose into a groupof dogs in a daycare type setting.

It's too unstructured and they're gonna getinto trouble; you're just setting them up to fail.

So if you own a medium to highenergy dog and your dog is struggling in daycare, one of the first things you wantto ask yourself is – am I doing enough to give my dog mental and physical outletsoutside of this setting? And that could be just as simple as taking your dog forwalks, it could be as simple as training your dog to do tricks or scent workaround the house, it could be playing ball with your dog, whatever isappropriate for your dog and their behavior and their energy level.

Exerciseis key.

So number two, and this is the one that I think a lot of people have a hardtime wrapping their heads around.

The way you live with your dog at home willaffect how successful your dog is in daycare.

And if you don't believe me, justask any school teacher out there and they will tell you that they seecorrelations between parenting and children's behavior in the classroom.

Youcannot allow your dog to be pushy and rude and disrespectful at home, and thenexpect them to succeed in a daycare setting.

It's not gonna work out.

Nowagain, different dogs with different personalities may need different typesof structure in the house, different degrees of leadership or discipline,right, but if you own a dog who's again, a little bit on the higher energy range,maybe a little bit more dominant on that end of the spectrum, and they'restruggling in daycare, you may want to look at your leadership at home and howmuch structure and discipline you're giving your dog at home.

And people don'tbelieve it till they see it.

We have a number of dogs in our daycare that werereally, really struggling and they were getting in a lot of trouble, and theywere on the verge of being kicked out and we advised their owners to start sometraining, and once we did training with the owners, we didn't change anything asfar as the dogs experience in daycare, the only thing that changed was theirexperience at home and the training that the owner was given as far as how tolive with the dog in a more proper way, and now those dogs are perfect angelsin daycare.

I mean night and day, it's like a different dog.

Those are the bigtwo things that I want you guys to think about.

Of course, your dog may just havesocialization issues.

If your dog has a dog aggression issue or a fear issue andjust needs more exposure and socialization, that's of course somethingthat could be done around the other dogs under the guidance of a trainedprofessional, somebody who understands how to socialize dogs that are havingchallenges.

But in many cases, dogs are getting into trouble in daycares and thedog doesn't have a socialization issue.

The dog either is not getting enoughexercise and mental stimulation at home, so they're entering daycare with pent upenergy and frustration that's being released onto the dogs, or they're notgetting the the amount of structure, leadership and discipline at homethat they need to understand how to work cohesively within a social group ofanimals, dogs and humans included.

And because they're not having thoseexperiences at home, they're getting into trouble at "school," right.

So keep those two things in mind.

If your dog is struggling in daycare and you think it'ssomething that can be modified, the first two things to look at are exercise andleadership / discipline at home.

Those two things might get you on the righttrack.

Thanks guys! Have a great day.

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