Nice Daycare photos

A few nice daycare images I found:

We survived his first week at daycare.
Image by The_Smiths
Little Alvin’s first week of day care went well. He seemed pretty happy there and has been his usual self during the evenings. Monday night he started babbling more eloquently than he ever had, and Tuesday night he seemed to sit up better, more stable. I’m wondering what they’re teaching them at these places and if he could maybe get a job and start pitching in around here by the end of the week.

So far they have had him finger painting (twice), went for an outdoor wagon ride, lots of tummy time (which we were terrible at), he blew out at least six diapers (twice in a day twice), he’s eating pretty good, could be sleeping better, we lost two bottles, the care-takers seem nice, two heart-broken parents, but couldn’t have gone better.

Atlanta Dog Spa
Image by Tim Dorr

Image by SupportPDX