PJ’s Daycare!PJ的照護日漫配翻譯 Part12(CC字幕)*委託

So, Palette seems to think that because she's doing something bad, right? I'm curious how things will develop XD Cold – cool down Goth He always said that you are very cute It's not a big deal.

Stop thinking about it.

Mom? How are you here? Miss N-Nekophy! Hey you know.

Just come in Poth's best time alone (Note) All in all! Now let go of your business You will never guess who I've brought! Who brought NEKOPHY? How are you! Haven't seen it for a while? Yep.

Wow ruthless guy I did not expect you to forget me so easily! Is CRAY!? What is the relationship between goth and cray? Wow cray! You grow taller! I wish I could be as small as you! Really! You haven't changed at all! What did Palette think about this time? It turned out he was Cray Miss Nekophy and Goth always talk about his business But now he is back, Means that my task is over? What am I talking about? This is no longer my mission But our relationship has been from that moment until now.

Has always been the best friend.


even started falling in love.

* Take No no no!!!!!! Don't think about Palette! Goth is just your friend! You should spend more time on Fika! Mission? What does that mean Palette? Hey there, I'm Palette, Palette Roller Goth has become shy and insecure since his friend left.

Don't worry! Miss Nekophy, I can help! Ah? Really? Thank you for taking care of him! Palette.

What should I explain? Uh.

I think Fika she.

Well, it's not interested in you at all.

She's right! She's just "not yet"! After all, I just met! But when she knows me better, she will definitely fall in love with me! If it were goth and cray married?! * Eyes die That's great.

I – I.

I'm happy to the extreme Nothing – anyway Let Goth.

Open – happy is good.

Palette, this is Cr.

Palette? Goth, your friend doesn't look very good, You should care about him! I don't know, maybe it's just because he's tired Palette people are all right now?! *cry (See Palette's heartbreaking QAQ) Please Palette, they are just friends I – I'm sorry I just don't want Goth to forget about me Goth I think you should go to Palette He seems to cry, I think Palette: Hi Goth: Palette! Palette, how are you? Of course! You are lying! I know you Palette well That's the most fake smile I've ever seen.

What are you hiding? Palette, please.

You can talk to me about anything! anything? Well.

anything Oh God, what does Palette say next?? Hey! It's nice to meet you guys finally! Don't you? He was going to tell goth something important We are discussing things I just want to meet you "buddy" You can wait to talk (or never) 喔.

雪特((话) Palette vs.

Cray is not good I will stare at you, farther away from my Goth, do you understand? I don't know if it's Cray who likes Goth or just wants to protect him.

Difficult – can't you both? (Of course it's not because I'm standing poth* being beaten) Where are PPA people? We need them! In the beginning is Fika now this? Day this is too bad! Why do we have to help in this situation? Poth is over.

We should go home.

PPA will not easily surrender! PP.

A? We are the Poth Guards! (short for Poth protecetion agency) Hey ~~ good Do you know.

A PPA member is eating Gray this pairing XD It's me~~~~~! Which way do you stand? Fifty Gray shadows (Note 2) (I don't think it's pun for me to be jealous) *I like the cp* of a girl with a tfc hat and a girl with wings No!!!!!POTH is the most important! What is the situation with cray, goth and palette? So do we want to eat ice cream to memorize the past days? Of course, after all, the nursery will close soon.

Too late I'm already hungry! I will eat you now! Hahahaha.

!! Cray is going to stop! Itchy! PALETTE, don't let CRAY and GOTH go alone So do you want to come together Palette? my pleasure! PJ!!!!! Are you standing over Cray's side or Palette's side? I'm sorry I don't understand what you're talking about You can explain it to me tomorrow I have to leave the nursery.

My girlfriend is waiting for me.

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) (poth is the best* dead).

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