Planning & Zoning Board Meeting 2020.06.16

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(00:00:00) Call to Order

(00:03:30) ITEM 1: Conditional use to allow for the construction of a 12,200 sq. ft. child daycare facility with a maximum enrollment of 200 children on property located at the northwest corner of Lakeland Highlands Road and Deerfield Drive (2150 Deerfield Drive). Owner: LFT Development Company, LLC. Applicant: Ryan Renardo. (CUP20-004)

(00:32:30) ITEM 2: Change in zoning from RA-4 (Single-Family Residential) to MF-22 (Multi-Family Residential) on approximately 0.95 acres located south of E. Parker Street, west of N. Stella Avenue, and north of E. Myrtle Street. Owner: David L. Edwards. Applicant: Tom Wodrich, TDW Land Planning. (ZON20-006)

(01:40:10) ITEM 3: Review minutes of the May meeting.

(01:42:30) ITEM 4: Change in zoning from C-2 (Highway Commercial) and LD (Limited Development) to PUD (Planned Unit Development) to allow a convenience store with motor vehicle fuels sales on property located at the southeast corner New Tampa Highway and Airport Road. Owner: 4250 New Tampa Highway Land Trust. Applicant: Kendra McBee (PUD20-004) Note: The applicant requests a delay.

(01:46:10) ITEM 5: Change in zoning from O-1 (Low Impact Office District) and I-1 (Light Industrial-Limited Commercial District) to PUD (Planned Unit Development) to allow limited light industrial and commercial uses, in addition to the existing O-1 and I-1 entitlements, on property located at 2050 S. Edgewood Drive. Owner/Applicant: Eric Wibert. (PUD20-005)

(02:03:10) ITEM 6: Report of City Commission action on Planning and Zoning Board recommendations.

ITEM 7: Community Housing & Planning Manager’s Report.

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