President Moon pledges expansion of after-school daycare programs

President Moon went to check out an afterschoolprogram for elementary students.

There, he pledged to expand the service toaccommodate more children.

Hwang Hojun shares with us his remarks.

The South Korean President hopes an expansionof after-school programs will kill two birds with one stone.

by providing children with"all-day" care; it'll help tackle the nation's record-low birth rate.

and the overwhelmingburden of child rearing that derails the careers of many Korean women.

President Moon visited the classroom of anafterschool program Wednesday afternoon to meet the children and their parents.

Also joining were the ministers of education,public administration, health.

and gender equality.

President Moon noted that difficulties inchildrearing contribute to the low birthrate, a phenomenon that can cause communities tocollapse.

He emphasized that childcare and educationare the responsibilities of the nation, and that the government and the community mustraise children together to resolve the issue.

"The government's goal is to provide publicchildcare for all those who need it.

At this point, we need to at least be ableto provide such care to the children of parents who both work.

" As of now, around 330-thousand children arebenefiting from the government's daycare system.

President Moon said through the afterschoolprogram, he will increase that number to 530-thousand; an additional 100-thousand students will beallowed to stay in school until their parents pick them up after work,… and another 100-thousandstudents will be accommodated at new after-school daycare centers.

Also, unlike the existing service, limitedto first and second graders, President Moon said the program will gradually become availableto all grade school students.

And according to the President, it will alsorelieve parents of the financial burdern of their children's private education.

The South Korean leader emphasized that allchildren have the right to be cared for and the administration's all-day care system willallow the government to protect that right.

Hwang Hojun, Arirang News.

Source: Youtube