Pros and cons of the different childcare arrangements available

There are three main types of childcare available to us once with count aside family members. Those being day care centers, day care nannies, and live in nannies. There are advantages and disadvantages to all three of these options, varying a great deal on your specific needs. Choosing the right type of childcare is crucial both to your child and yourself, as a happy child and stressed free parents go to make a happy, well functioning family unit.

Day care centers are a good option if you are looking for a supervised environment where you child can mix with other children of his age, always encouraged for a healthy child’s learning curve. However you must make sure that the establishment is correctly licensed and run by trained professionals. It may also be hard to find a day care center in your proximity, one with enough places, or one that opens the correct hours for your job. Often you will come across day care centers that close on local holidays, but when you still need to work. They can often work out expensive, especially if you intend on sending more than one child, you must work out the financial viability.

Live out nannies are a good option, and require little paperwork, a good option, if not quite expensive, a day care nanny charging upwards of 15$ per hour if you have a small house and more than one child. Also this arrangement allows you to maintain a purely “working” relationship with your nanny, allowing you quality time alone as a family. This type of arrangement is not entirely flexible, and it is often hard to find nannies that are looking for day care positions, most preferring to take up live in positions where their board and lodgings is including for a slightly lower wage.

Live in nannies are cheaper and more flexible than any day care option. If you have a big house and more than one child, with a starting salary of 8$ per hour plus lodgings, it is an excellent option. A nanny is maybe chosen from many countries, giving diversity and culture to the household, an option that works very well. If you welcome your nanny into your household, she in return will care well for the children. Nannies can also help out around the house and with shopping, as well as babysitting at night, allowing you a child free dinner. Disadvantages to this system can be waiting lists and lots of paperwork, as well as diminished privacy in your home.

Although you can see that everything has few good points and few bad points same is with the nanny in Canada. If you will think that you want all the satisfaction in everything then it’s not possible sometime. Your child will get better care at home and you can do your job without any more tensions of home and your little baby. Just few dollars and you can get complete safety for your loved ones.

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