Quarantine Time With Your Child – Magic Painting

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Mindseed brings a bunch of crazy, easy and quick activities, perfect for parents to spend some #quarantineTime With Their Child. These videos are simple answers to “ how to engage kids “ during #lockdown.

Here is a simple yet fun way to enjoy the guess the animal sound activities which is a musical way to learn to speak. Complete this activity and share your experience in comments.

Today’s Quarantine – Time With Your Child is – Magic Painting

Magic painting can get your kid really excited,
So let’s get started with your little Picasso!

Materials Required –
1. Poster paints
2. Paintbrush
3. Plate to mix paint
4. Bowl of water
5. Candle or white crayon
6. A4 size paper

Step 1 – Let your child draw anything with a candle / white crayon on the A4 paper.
Step 2: Make sure they put stress on the paper while drawing to make it more prominent.
Step 3: Now ask your child to paint the paper with their favorite colours.
Step 4: The paper and the wax will resist the water, leaving the wax image to pop out across the paint. Just like magic!
Step 5: Leave your painting aside to dry.
Step 6: Hang the painting in your child’s room or use it as a table mat during their mealtime.
Step 7: You can create wall hangings, door name tag and other stuff for your kid’s room.

Invest time in your child, you may have a PICASSO.

Checkout https://mindseed.in/daycare-for-kids.html for more.

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