Quarantine Time With Your Child – The Name Game

Today’s Quarantine – Time With Your Child: The Name Game

This is the best way to start reading with your 2-year-old!
Materials Required –
1. Sketch pens
2. Chart paper
3. Tape

Step 1 – Make word flashcards of all family members’ names.
Step 2 – Show all the flashcards and ask your child to identify their name card.
Step 3 – Pick up their name card and read their name aloud.
Step 4 – Repeat this activity for 2-3 days.
Step 5 – Paste their name on different objects like books, bags, bottles and toys.
Step 6 – Ask your child to collect the objects with her name written on them.
Step 7 – To make this a fun activity, give points for every item collected.

Invest in your child, & help them read aloud their name independently.
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