Shortage of Toronto daycare spots is a myth

Hard data from the City of Toronto’s own website shows that contrary to what many insist, there are numerous vacancies in institutional daycare facilities. Brian Lilley of talks…

Daycare Whisperer Doing Daycare: This Job Would be Great if it Wasn’t for the Parents

One would think that the most challenging aspect of running a successful childcare business would be taking care of the kids. However, when childcare providers are surveyed, they overwhelming cite that managing parent behavior is the most difficult aspect of their job. This book teaches all childcare providers how to identify, manage and, if necessary, terminate parents who make their jobs unbearable. Learn about the parental archetypes nearly every provider will encounter within the first two years of operating a center or home childcare: the permissive parent, the lying parent, the attention seeking parent, the “boss of me” parent, creeper dad, the “my child is gifted” parent, the terminated parent and many other types of parents are explained within the pages of this book. Having a full working knowledge of parent behavior is essential in reducing client turnover, maximizing profit and protecting the provider from the consequences of workplace stress. Parents can benefit from this book by doing a self-inventory of their own conduct and style of parenting with their child’s provider. Maladaptive parent behavior will threaten the parent/provider working relationship and, unfortunately, may dramatically affect the care of their precious children.

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