Some preparations before taking your pet to a long journey

Long journey will be very tiring day for you and even for your pet. You or your pet might suffer car sickness that is very annoying. In this matter, car sickness is caused be several things including confinement, car motion, first-time ride or other inconvenience.

As stated before, can sickness can be suffered by both human and animal. Thus, you should do preparation when you are about to take your pet for long journey by car. You can do the preparation long day before you have a journey. So, your pet will not suffer car sickness during the journey.

As the beginning, you can start it by sitting your pet beside you inside the car. You can do it with the engine off. This is done in order to get him/her used to the situation of the car. In this matter, you have to make sure that your pet feels comfort. You can play with him/her so that he/she will feel comfort inside the car.

Get out of the vehicle after some times and play outside the car. You can play with your pet outside the car. In this case, you have to make sure that the distance you take is comfortable for you and your pet. This is done in order to make your pet recognizes your car and feels comfort with it. You can take closer distance each day so that your pet will get used to with your vehicle.

When your pet feels comfort being inside and outside the car, you can take him/her driving around. You can take your pet for longer distance each day as another preparation of your long journey. By doing those preparations, your pet will be away from suffering car sickness. As the result, your journey will be very fun since you can take your pet with you.

You will do many things for your pet including taking him/her to the veterinarian. You will find that a veterinarian has veterinary medical equipment to treat his/her animal patients. One of equipment used is portable oxygen tank