Sunday, May 3, 2020: Port Angeles, Art, Cake, Air BnB

Sunday, May 3, 2020: Oisin and Cian hang out with his mom at the Air BnB in Port Angeles doing family time. Dad had some web development to do, training session, and raining all day. Making gluten-free chocolate cake, pancakes, brats, pork roast, and doing art together. Working on taxes and accounting. Days bleeding into another. Not sure what to do – back in Washington, having to camp out but not many options. Keeping Cian away from daycare in the pandemic as its the safest option. Prices of lodging outrageous. Cian’s new minecraft game. Run Time: 4 min, 22 sec. Soundtrack: Making Memories by Hawksilver. Visit the tale at: Videoblog created for King Cian as an archive of adventures with Dad. Published on Magisto, WordPress, and Youtube.


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