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14th Festival of Trees 2

A few nice daycare centers images I found:

14th Festival of Trees 2
daycare centers
Image by pennstatenews
Students from Daybridge daycare center take in the wonders of the season.

Day-Care Centre 21 in Zhytomyr hosts some 400 children.
daycare centers
Image by NefcoNordic
Photo: Patrik Rastenberger/NEFCO

Dilemna: Stay Home or Daycare?
daycare centers
Image by fairfaxcounty
An eight years old child, played by Shruti Sharma from Robinson Secondary, is at home alone because the parents cannot afford daycare.

This is Fairfax County’s Life in the State of Poverty simulation, held on 4-27-2011 at the Government Center. The students are members of the Fairfax County Youth Leadership Program. The poverty simulation program is sponsored by the county’s Community Action Advisory Board.