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About North American Montessori Child Care Inc., St. Louis Daycare Centers

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Daycare Center – Teach Your Children About Books

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by mliu92

When we teach our children about books, we just usually teach them about what is inside the book. The only thing that would probably catch their attention is the colored pictures inside the book. They would probably also remember to read the book from left to right and top to bottom and that sentences start with capital letters and end with a punctuation mark. We tend to overlook other things about books that our children would love to learn.

It is also advised that before starting to read what the book is all about, you can teach them what the important parts of the book are. Let them learn what the front and back covers of the book are for. Teach them about all the information that they can get from the book such as the title, the author, publisher and even the illustrator of their books.

There are different ways that you can do to let them learn more than just reading. When you give them a book it is important to teach them the proper way of handling the book. Show them what to read first such as the title page, the cover page etc. so that they will know the parts of the book. If your child is too young for this you can just teach them the basic of reading the book from page to page. You can emphasize to the kids what you are exactly reading by pointing your finger to the direction of the words that you are reading. This could help for them to know the proper direction for reading plus they can familiarize the words as you speak to what they look like when written.

If your kids do not know how to read then you can start teaching them about letters. Being able to learn the basics of reading which is from the letters will help your children to be able to read easier than those who are not familiarized with the letters. To be able to read the children shall try to connect and read a word by recognizing the letters in it. So it is important for them to be able to recognize the letters first.

Once they learn and recognize the letters, you can start to let them be familiar to simple words and with their names. Teach the difference between both capital and small letters. You can always relate the letters with words or specific sounds that they can represent.

Even when outside the school, you can teach your children with things that they can see and associate them to words and letters to make the familiar with it. In the classroom or even at home, you can always display the alphabet at their eye level to help get used to the letters. You can always be creative and use different colors and materials for their alphabets.

You should also always encourage the children to be acquainted with letters. Remind them about words whenever they encounter it. Let them play with letters so that it can make them remember easily. Give them alphabet tiles which they can use to spell their names and other words as well. Make them realize that words and letters can be learned in a fun way.

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Daycare Center – Learn About Numbers and Counting

The ability of your child to learn about new things does not only depend on their genes. As a parent, you have also a great influence to improve their learning skills. At an early age, the more they know about their surroundings the easier it will be for them to learn when they are already in school. You can help your kids as they acquire new information and knowledge such as in their speech and vocabulary.

As early as possible, you must be able to teach your kids more about their surroundings. Teach them about the things in their surroundings and how these can work. Let them learn much information about what is around them. Help them to extend the use of their language and aid them in developing their vocabulary. Through your help, you can develop your child’s abilities to help them figure things and let them solve problems on their own.

There are a lot of things that you can do that will surely help your child to develop better learning skills. You can always provide your kids with the opportunity to let your kids develop different concepts by letting them explore with different things such as class equipments. You can also let them do some cooking for them to learn about substances and how they change. Let them plant seeds and let them learn about growing and taking care of plants. Encourage them to join in plays and other activities to help them have an idea about social situations. Let them interact with pets to teach them how to care.

Books are also effective instruments to learning. Give them books that will let them enjoy at the same learn more about their world. Let them read books about how certain things work like how plants grow or how vehicles work and the like. There are a lot of books accompanied with photographs and illustration that will help the children to learn. It will also help them to understand things easily.

You can also teach the children about vocabulary. Explain to them new words that they have just encountered. Let them also try new things and activities such as drawing, singing, dancing and even acting. All these activities will help them in developing certain skills. Aside from that you can take your kids on field trips so that they can experience the actual world and encounter things that they have read. Even if it is just around the park, a zoo or the museum your kids will surely learn a lot of new things.

Aside from that, the computer can also be a helpful and interactive way for your kids to learn about new things. There interactive games that your kids can play in order to enhance their vocabulary skills. They can even learn new words, familiarize with colors, shapes and even numbers. There are sure a lot of fun ways to learn and make sure that your kids realize that indeed learning is fun. You can find ways that they will not even recognize they are already learning a lot.

Learn about numbers and counting

There a lot of differences when it comes to the ability of young children. There are those who have no problem when it comes to numbers and counting since they have learned it even before school. But then, there are some kids who have not yet familiarize themselves into the world of counting. There are those who need the opportunity to recognize words for numbers and be able to count things as well as how to read and write numbers.

There are many informal ways which you can help your kids in learning more about numbers and counting as well.

When you are together whether you are at home or not, it helps if you start pointing objects and you can make it a daily routine. For example when you serve cookies for snack, you can ask him to count the cookies before eating. You can count with him the stairs as you walk. Let your kids count with you because once they hear and practice it will be easier for them to learn. When you are together you can ask your kids about how many the things are around you. This will keep you kids accustomed to numbers. You can also ask your kids to count his parts of the body such as his eyes, mouth, nose and the like.

You can also ask your kids to help you in daily chores such as preparing food or even cooking. Before you start cooking, you can ask him to count the ingredients that you will use. You can also let your kids measure things using a ruler. You can teach him how to use it and guide him in measuring simple things in your house. Aside from that you can also play counting songs and rhymes that will encourage your kids to count and will also help them remember about it. Playing counting games accompanied with jumping and clapping can also help your kids to enjoy numbers.

To help your kids recognize and write numbers, you can play number puzzles with them that will help them recognize how the numbers look like. You can recite the numbers as they see them to help him associate the words with how they look like. You can also encourage them to write numbers whenever they draw or create numbers. Together with your help, you can let your kids associate numbers through activity books that will help them to learn more about numbers.

Let them have fun by letting them use pictures, stickers, markers and other writing materials as they learn how to count and write numbers. There are many ways for your children to learn how to count and write numbers as well. You must remember that learning should not be limited only to the classroom because learning outside the classroom can be a fun activity. Aside from making your kids learn, you are also able to spend quality time with them. So start planning activities with your kids that will surely make them learn and have fun at the same time.

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#latepost I forgot about this sweet #sunrise in my camera roll from last week, again from Gabriel’s daycare parking lot . I hope your Monday is going well~ #nofilter #sky #igsanantonio #sanantonio #texas #goodmorning

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#latepost I forgot about this sweet #sunrise in my camera roll from last week, again from Gabriel’s daycare parking lot . I hope your Monday is going well~ #nofilter #sky #igsanantonio #sanantonio #texas #goodmorning
daycares near me
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All About Parenting & Child Care – The Mia Connect Power Chat

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Dr. Susan Newman Phd and Dr. Paul Roumeliotis talk Parenting Tips, Child Healthcare, Child Rearing and gave the expert lowdown on raising healthy & balanced kids!

1:40 – BatPack Audience: OneG8Life, Mel-Mel, Jama, Scott Scowcroft, Rayne Dowell, Mick Sharpe, Susan Finch
1:52 – Laura Fabiani Shoutout
2:23 – Revision of Little Things Remembered – updated to accommodate technology. Parents are losing their connection – the antidote for the draw of technologies.
4:12 – The perfect combo between the two guests – it takes a village
3:35 – The Dads Comment!: Mike Bayes, Scott Scowcroft,
5:14 – More about Dr. Susan Newman, PhD.
5:55 – Researching Adult Children who have problems with their parents’ new partner
7:37 – The Holidays – The High Holy Season of Dysfunction, What Kids Remember
9:30 – Stress Less About Perfection – it’s a big waste of time & energy!
10:11 – Average age when a child starts using an I-pad – FRIGHTENING!
11:20 – Debbie Huntington Cherylyn Feierabend, Kirstin Hancock & The Popular Binky
12:20 – Dr. Paul – He’s something else! The very first online pediatrician
13:35 –Knowledge is comfort – the more you know, the better you’ll feel about your child’s health & welfare
15:45 – Focus on the Early Stages – making a difference in the Life Course Perspective
17:17 – Proactive Action! And more hugs
20:02 – Paul’s new book is empowering everyone! Parents, Grandparents, Siblings, Caretakers
20:28 – Purple Period of Crying
22:50 – External/Environmental Issues, Pollution, Smoking
25:18 – Parents are role models
26:46 – Language Development (put down the I-pad!) – Children need human contact
28:39 – Setting Electronics Boundaries – Get a cell phone bowl!
29:11 – Dr. Paul – the Benefits of Reading, Interaction with Children, Stimulation is Key
31:31 – Social Interactions & Ability to Relate to peers develop early
31: 40 – Jeff Sieh & Xbox Timing
32:40 – Keeping up with the Joneses – “Competitive Parenting”
34:34 – Preparing your toddler for college  – The inane pressure!
35:03 – Stress in Kids, Young Adults, Crazy Toilet Training Expectations, College In Diapers
39:39 – Put the phone away at the table!
42:20 – Pay attention!
42:54 – Unplug & Hang out with your kids
43:35 – Elaine Neiberding – Actual Books
44:00 – Tons of great advice from the Doctors, sleep deprivation, asking for help
48:25 – Trust your gut in your parenting style!
49:03 – The Book of No – http://www.thebookofno.com/
50:50 – What’s On Section – What’s on your reading list
54:45 – Susan’s Call to Action – CASA/Guardian Ad Litem susannewmanphd.com
56:37 – Dr. Paul’s Call to Action
57:49 – Tom Collins – we need to address grandparents next time!

Dr. +Susan Newman, PhD
Dr. Susan is a social psychologist and author of 14 books. She is the stepmother of four children and mother of one who focuses on problems affecting family. She writes a parenting blog for Psychology Today magazine that covers complicated questions such as how many children to have and the anxieties of raising them—from worries about a young child’s imaginary friends to college grads, returning to the nest. www.susannewmanphd.com 

*Dr. Paul  Roumeliotis* +thedrpaul – The World’s 1st Pediatrician Online
www.drpaul.com With years of front-line medical experience as founder and former director of one of the busiest university-hospital clinics in North America, assistant professor of Pediatrics and former Director of Multiformat Health Communications, McGill University, DR. PAUL has earned a reputation as a down-to-earth communicator who encourages parents to become active and informed participants in the care of their children’s health and well-being. 

As the first on-line pediatrican in the world, Dr. Paul is revolutionizing health communications by bridging the gap between media producers and health professionals. As both an accomplished media developer and producer, and a respected medical expert, DR. PAUL produces state of the art educational health resources, which are trustworthy, accessible and informative. Dr. Paul’s latest book is entitled: *Baby Comes Home:  A Parent’s Guide to a Healthy and Well First 18 Months* http://www.influencepublishing.com/dr-paul/

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