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Affordable Childcare Tips

As more and more families need both parents to work to be able to survive, it is increasingly important for parents to find quality affordable child care facilities.

This process certainly does not have to be difficult, but if you want the process to go as quick and smoothly as possible and ensure that your baby is going to be safe and protected wherever you leave them, then there are a few tips you are going to want to keep in mind to help you choose the right affordable child care experience.

What is Available

You need to do your research as early as possible. Find out about the child care facilities in your area. Make sure that they are near enough for you without causing too much hassle getting to and fro. Check out the traffic problems at the time you would need to travel. Ask your family, friends and neighbours where their children go for child care. Get as much feedback as possible and draw up a short list of possibilities. Some nurseries have a waiting list so you will need to be well organized to find the right facilities available at the right time.

Make Comparisons

You will need to compare the nurseries that you have on your list. Take into consideration such factors as how large they are, how many staff members they have working there, how old are the majority of the children, the facilities they have, the quality in child care and so on.

If you are putting your baby into a nursery, you want to make sure that there are going to be other children around of a similar age. Your baby will have fun in a nursery where he can interact with other babies.

When you have gathered as much advice as possible from family and friends about their child care experiences you can also turn to the internet, your local council and other resources to read reviews on the various nurseries.

The next step would be to physically go to these nurseries to check them out and see the facilities for yourself. It is a good opportunity to meet the staff. Do the children look happy and stimulated? Are there plenty of colourful toys and games around for them? How do the staff interact with the children? Do you have a good feeling about this place? Occasionally it is fine to go with your gut instinct.

Child minders

An alternative to nursery child care is to use child minders. Child minders look after babies and children in their own homes. On average they care for about 3-5 children. As well as being registered with the local authority they have to be have a police check and the local authority also inspect their homes on a regular basis for safety. They can be a good option and your child will be just as happy and safe as in a nursery. I have found child minders to be more flexible, when the need arises, than nurseries, but that is just my personal view. You can obtain a current list of registered child minders from your local council.

Nannies or Au Pairs

Some parents are lucky enough to be able to afford a nanny or au pair living with them in the family home. Nannies tend to be more qualified and will cost you more and they care for your child in your own home. Depending on your circumstances they could live-in with you. Au pairs are usually foreign nationals who want to study English and will live in your home and care for your child. They live as part of your family for up to two years so you need to be comfortable with having someone else living in your home with you. They will be responsible for your child care as well as doing some light housework and they receive a small wage for personal use. Other expenses such as their food and travel costs you would provide.

It is always advisable to carry out as much research as possible, it will give you confidence before you proceed. After all, you want the best child care experience for your child. So that you are not worrying all day when you are at work you need to feel comfortable with your decision. But whichever child care you go for I am sure your baby or child will thrive and be very happy.

Finding child minders is a task that no parent undergoes lightly David went through the exercise with his son so he could continue his full time job it is that experience that is used to offer advice to other parents in similar circumstances there is a mass of other information on his web site http://purelytots.co.uk

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